Fish and Game Magazine - Parties Analysis

David Haynes, President, New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers has taken the results of the Fish and Game Magazne poll of Politcal Parties, and personally analysed the results as shown below. Please note these are David's analyses and are not necessarily representative of CORANZ nor indeed New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers
Fish Game Parties Speak Analysis

Fish Game Parties Speak Analysis

As is usual, the Fish & Game magazine sought political parties responses to five key questionsas follows: 
1. Does you party support the introduction of a resource rental for private commercial use of the public water resource? 
2. In recognition of the need to safeguard the life supporting capacity of freshwater ecosystems, and that our rivers be safe for swimming, fishing and food gathering, does your party support the National Objectives Framework including environmental limits that foster ecological health, are not toxic to desirable freshwater aquatic species and are safe for primary contact recreation and food gathering? 
3. Does you party consider that consenting processes for water takes for the likes of irrigation schemes should include consideration of the environmental impacts of the intended land use change, with any grant of consent including conditions to protect the life supporting capacity of the receiving waters downstream of the intensified land use area? 
4. To make the Walking Access Mapping System more user friendly woudl your party support the inclusion of contact details against land parcels on the System so that members of the public wishing to pass across private land, or recreate on such land, would know who they should contact to request permission, as per the wish of land occupiers at the time of the passage of the Walking Access Act 2008? 
5. What would your party do to enhance Fish & Game's ability to achieve its statutory purpose of maintaining, managing and enhancing sport fish and game in the recreational interests of anglers and hunters? 
The magazine then invited readers to score each parties' response according to the following criteria: 
0 - pathetic, weasel worded response from out-of-touch dinosaurs doomed to extinction.
1 - weak commitment, likely to be compromised and gazumped by its other policies, tries to be all things to all people, just too slippery, doesn't cut the mustard.
2 - getting there, has potential, but a little too much waffle and needs sharpening to get rid of escape clauses. Have some doubts about actual commitment to delivery.
3 - clear, committed, action focusedm right on the button, trust them to take it into any coalition negotiations, definitely has my vote. 
Looking at their responses AND cross checking against each political parties' published policies on-line I scored the responses accordingly.  Those who did not respond to the magazine (Act and Conservatives) scored zero for all responses as a reflection of their disinterest in the freshwater angling and bird hunting community.  I believe my score is representative of how the majority of Fish & Game licence holders would score although there is always room for subjective interpretation.