Do Possums Like Eggs – Part Deux

Following on from my previous post, where I detail my first attempt at observing possums and their affinity or not to taking eggs.

In part one, although food offerings were gratefully accepted, the hens egg I left for their delectation was shunned. It remained untouched despite it being investigated several times by not just one but two possums several times during the evening.

On the second night, I tried something different. The first experiment contained a significant amount of food offerings. So this time I put out minimalistic foodstuffs by way of a single dog biscuit. The egg remains from the night before.

At 10:25pm, our first visitors start to arrive. But notice the egg is on the very left of the table.


A couple of minutes later onto the table, but no real interest in the egg!


As they leave, notice the egg has now moved a couple of inches to the right. Clearly it’s been investigated but not taken as expected – at least expected according to the news media.


Clearly by 3:21am the next visitor shows no initial interest in the egg.


Can’t quite see what’s going on, but the egg is being investigated again.


Damn that’s a big possum!! No wait, my German Shepherd woke me up to go out. And she’s on to the scent of the visitors – but see the egg survives still. That’s 2 nights and the egg remains.


Where to from here? Have to think of a new experiment for tonight?

Could do as I’ve heard done elsewhere and paste the egg with honey or some other attractant to see if we can tempt the possums to take it.

Part 3 continues here:

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