Amazing Book on 25 Year Wilderness Sculpture Project

Fine Line – subtitled Twelve Environmental Sculptures Encircle the Earth by Martin Hill and Philippa Jones, published by Bateman Books, price $69.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman. This is a most unusual book as it’s about a series of 12 ephermeral … Continue reading

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‘Negligent’ DoC Lets Cattle in National Park

Taxpayers spend $362,000 on a kilometres-long fence to keep a farmer’s cattle from a national park. David Williams of Newsroom reports It’s a proud and straight-forward statement. “There is no stock grazing within Fiordland National Park,” the park’s 2007 management … Continue reading

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NZ No Safer Following Anti-firearm Laws

Continuing firearm violence means New Zealanders are no safer despite the promises made of legislation passed against licensed firearm owners, according to COLFO. COLFO spokesperson Hugh Devereux-Mack says the recent gun violence is undeniable evidence that New Zealanders have not … Continue reading

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Welcome Reprint of a Great Book on Moa

by Tony Orman Quinn Berentson’s book “Moa – The Life and Death of New Zealand’s Legendary Bird” published in 2012 has been reprinted. It is a very welcome reprint for the story of the moa is a fascinating one that … Continue reading

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“Wacky” Forest and Bird Blames Wild Animals For Global Warming

Press Release Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust A call by Forest and Bird to eradicate wild animals such as deer and chamois to combat global warming is out of touch with reality says a recreational hunting advocacy. Laurie Collins, convenor of the … Continue reading

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The Suffocating of the Marlborough Sounds by Sediment

Opinion by Pete Watson of Marlborough The Marlborough Sounds has been suffocated by silt. There is no denying this fact. It has been going on for over 40 years. Therefore it was startling to recently read that Marlborough mayor John … Continue reading

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An Engaging Book About a Great Polar Explorer

Book Review “Shackleton” by Ranulph Fiennes, published by Michael Joseph (Penguin, Random House NZ) Price $38. Reviewed by Tony Orman Let me say at the outset, “Shackleton”- a biography on the great polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton – should appeal to … Continue reading

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TrustPower Corporate “Scandalous” Take of Rakaia River Water Questioned

Special Report TrustPower a NZX corporation, has allegedly been selling water to irrigators outside limits laid down by the 2013 amended Rakaia Water Conservation Order (WCO) says the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA). “In addition evidence strongly points … Continue reading

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DOC Slowly Kills Black-backed Gulls in a Culling Exercise

special report The Department of Conservation is embarking on a cull of black-backed gulls on the Waitaki River bed using a method that causes a slow death by hypothermia. An advertisement says the exercise will take place in November using … Continue reading

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Marlborough’s Wairau River Threat Defeated

TrustPower’s recent decision to not renew its resource consent application for a hydro-electricity scheme for the Wairau River has been applauded by the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA). NZFFA secretary David Haynes of Nelson said the “virtual victory” had … Continue reading

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Poison 1080 Being Dumped in Public’s Landfills

From “Rangitikei Watch” 1080 poison (Sodium Monofluoroacetate) is a hazardous chemical that is repeatedly dumped in New Zealand’s landfill sites (official and unofficial) without consideration for the potential harm writes Pam Vernon.  Contrary to some claims, 1080 does not easily … Continue reading

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Hunters help Hungry in Nelson Initiative

A donation of venison by the Nelson NZ Deerstalkers Association’s branch will help feed needy people says a report on Radio NZ. The Nelson branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association has given “Kai Rescue” more than 30kg of venison … Continue reading

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A Trio of Exceptional Wildlife Books for Youngsters

“Inside New Zealand’s Wildlife”, “Which/ What? Why?”  (subtitled NZ Country Life) and “Which? What? Why?” (subtitled NZ Forest Wildlife”) by Dave Gunson, published by Bateman Books. Price (each) $19.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman. People are becoming increasingly detached from the … Continue reading

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Book on the Delights of Dark, i.e. Nights

Book Review After Dark subtitled “Walking into the Nights of Aotearoa” by Annette Lees. Published by Potton and Burton. Price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman Night is as certain as day and it occupies half our lives. Many people don’t … Continue reading

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Book on Mountain Huts is Impressive

Book Review “Bunk for the Night” subtitled “A Guide To New Zealand’s Best Backcountry Huts” by Shaun Barnett, Rob Brown and Geoff Spearpoint, published by Potton and Burton, price $49.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman New Zealand has a great range … Continue reading

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NZ Governments’ Stupidity Neglects Environmental Crisis

Opinion by Stewart Hydes   Humanity’s impact on climate change .. the degree to which we may or may not be accelerating it — is almost irrelevant — against our impact on our planet, which is undeniable. We are beyond … Continue reading

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Eyes Opened About Propaganda and Spin

Book Review “The Predatory Delay Diaries” by Terrence Loomis, published by Prismaprint, Blenheim. Price $25 plus postage. Available from or by e mail to <> I’m not a climate change proponent or a denier for the simple reason as seems to me, … Continue reading

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Some Wildlife Photography Thoughts

by Tony Orman There’s some basic rules to going hunting with your camera. Know your quarry There is only one way to get to know wildlife: – spend time watching. Sit and observe wildlife. Watch wildlife.  Observe habits. Wait – … Continue reading

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UN Declares Access to a Clean Environment a Human Right

From Geneva, Switzerland, Reuters reports that the U.N. Human Rights Council has recognised access to a clean and healthy environment as a fundamental right, formally adding its weight to the global fight against climate change and its devastating consequences. The … Continue reading

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Book by “Pest’ Eradication a Good Read

Book review:- “Southern Wanderer – A Habitat Restoration Pilot’s Life” by Peter Garden published by Life Stories Publishing. Price $60. Price $60.00 Reviewed by Tony Orman Peter Gardner grew up in rural Southland and became a world renowned helicopter pilot … Continue reading

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