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Wider Benefits To Youth of Going Outdoors

Opinion by Tony Orman Outdoor sports have modified with modern pursuits of frenetic activity like mountain marathons, mountain bikes and bush runs and others and a strong sense of competitiveness. It doesn’t need to be competitive, in fact passive recreation like fishing, … Continue reading

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Politics and the Environment – Cause and Effect

Opinion by John B Henderson  The late John B Henderson was national president of the NZ Deerstalkers Association. He wrote many editorials in NZDA’s magazine “NZ Wildlife”. In this editorial of Autumn 1973, he wrote of the relationship between politics … Continue reading

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NZ Gripped by Illogical Pest Phobia

Opinion by Tony Orman In 1958 an American professor of zoology visited New Zealand. Dr William Graf from San Jose university in California came to study the wild deer situation on behalf of Hawaiian Board of Agriculture which was considering introducing … Continue reading

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“Pointless” Firearm Registration Proposal Doomed to Failure

Opinion by David Mack I spent an hour or so ploughing through the appalling “consultation document” last night. It fills me with dismay. Endless pages of garbage that will have absolutely no effect on the illegal use of guns by … Continue reading

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Stupidity of Governments Causes Neglect of Environmental Crisis

Opinion by Stewart Hydes Humanity’s impact on climate change .. the degree to which we may or may not be accelerating it .. is almost irrelevant.  But Humanity’s impact on our planet is undeniable.We are beyond crisis point.  There’s been … Continue reading

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Firearm Law Changes Miss Target

Opinion by Stewart Hydes Past and on-going changes to firearms laws and regulations badly miss the target resulting in largely only impacting on the law-abiding firearm owner. Like all things within our society, the possession and ownership of firearms in New Zealand … Continue reading

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Two Wildlife Books To Delight and Educate Kids

Nature’s Alphabet – A New Zealand Nature Trail by Andrew Crowe, illustrated by Dave Gunson. Published by Bateman Books. Price $21.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman.   It’s more important than ever, in the continuing urbanisation of New Zealanders, to ensure … Continue reading

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Licensed firearms owners to Police: “It’s not personal.”

The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) annual survey of members for 2021 shows that while confidence in Police ability to administer firearms laws is low, the unhappiness is with the system, not individual officer’s general conduct. COLFO spokesperson Hugh … Continue reading

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Great Book About a Wilderness Education

Book Review. “The Boy From Gorge River” Subtitle “From New Zealand’s remotest family to the world beyond” by Chris Long. Published by HarperCollins NZ. Price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman The Long family of Gorge River, on the south Westland … Continue reading

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Often Mysterious Lives of Sea Birds Explained

Book Review: New Zealand Seabirds – A Natural History by Kerry-Jayne Wilson. Published by Potton and Burton. Price $49.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman New Zealand has an impressive number of sea birds around our coastline, reputedly having more in numbers than virtually anywhere else in the world. Ornithologist … Continue reading

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A Book to Read and Openly Consider

Book Review: “A Jab in the Dark” subtitled “Covid vaccines and the new Health Dictatorship” by Ron Asher. Published by Tross Publishing, Wellington. Reviewed by Francis Albert. Available from Paper Plus stores or direct from the publisher through the website … Continue reading

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Eroding the Rakaia River’s Lawful Protection Branded “Unacceptable”

Special Report The protection status by way of the long-standing Water Conservation Order (WCO) for the Rakaia River is being eroded by efforts by Trustpower and Environment Canterbury says the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA). Federation president Dr … Continue reading

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Withheld Firearm Data Shows Buyback Never Worked

Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 6:07 pm Press Release: COLFO The “GunSafe” firearm data withheld from the New Zealand Herald for two years proves that the firearm confiscation following the Christchurch terror attack did not work, and the Government was wrong to … Continue reading

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DoC and Kea: Is This the End?

Opinion by Dr Jo Pollard (BSc (Hons, PhD) Kea have been in the news again, with TV1 viewers one Wednesday night (9/2/22) treated to the story that tradespeople are sought to help in kea habitat, replacing lead in roofs. This … Continue reading

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Police Apology Over March 15 Terror Attack Remains Hollow 3 Years Later

Monday, 7 March 2022,  Press Release: Council of Licensed Firearm Owners The Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (COLFO) is calling for Police to make good on their three-year old apology for firearm licensing errors which contributed to the deaths of 51 … Continue reading

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