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More Kea “Non-science” from DoC

Opinion by Dr Jo Pollard B Sc (Honours), PHD The Department of Conservation’s (DoC’s) blatant disregard for science was vivid in October. Articles claiming that “1080 benefits outweigh kea deaths” were published in newspapers and online. This claim was based … Continue reading

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The Environmental Disaster of Carbon Farming

Opinion by Tony Orman In April last year, I went trout fishing to a stream that is a tributary of the Wairau River.  It is also an important spawning stream for both brown trout and probably some salmon. It is … Continue reading

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Police Fudge Real Costs to Justify Firearm License Fee Increases

Media release – COLFO Police have pulled costs out of thin air to create its consultation document for increased firearm license fees, says the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO). COLFO spokesperson Hugh Devereux-Mack says the consultation document released by … Continue reading

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Increased Fees will Force Firearms Owners to Forgo Licence, Keep Firearms

Media Release COLFO Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) spokesperson Hugh Devereux-Mack says raising firearms license fees by up to 400% during a cost-of-living crisis will prohibit many people from renewing their firearms license, but some will keep hold of … Continue reading

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Police Aim to Price Firearm Public Out of Their Sport, Hobby or Business

Special Report In a discussion document released yesterday entitled Arms regulations: Review of fees 2022 Police seek to recover the full cost of administering many of the laws and regulations covering the ownership and use of firearms, together with partial … Continue reading

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Urgent Action Needed on Marlborough Sounds Demise

Opinion piece by Pete Watson Beneath the idyllic, calm waters the Marlborough Sounds, is a serious problem There was a recent article (Dec 7) entitled “Three Quarters of Marlborough Forestry Blocks Fail Initial Check” and written by Maia Hart. It … Continue reading

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“Home is an Island” Rates Well

“Home is an Island” by Neville Peat.  Published by Potton and Burton. Price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman. Award winning author Neville Peat of Dunedin has been a  writer for over 50 years. During his working life Neville has visited … Continue reading

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Great Book on Ice’s Profound Effect on NZ’s landscapes

“Vanishing Ice”  subtitled “Stories of New Zealand’s Glaciers” by Lynley Hargreaves, published by Potton and Burton. Price $59.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman If like me you’ve been in the hills or mountains, tramping, hunting or fishing a wilderness stream and you pause to … Continue reading

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DoC and Predator Free Movement Ignoring Basic Ecology

Special report The Department of Conservation and the Predator Free movement are not facing up to ecological realities and the consequences of disrupting nature’s food chains, says Canterbury-based scientist Dr Jo Pollard in an article in the latest New Zealand … Continue reading

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