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Book of a Fiordland Trek – a Great Read!

Book Review. “Transit of Fiordland” by Frank Yardley, published by Austin Macauley Publisher (London) Available in NZ  from online sources such as Booktopia, Papers Plus etc., Price Approx; $43 In 1973 New Zealander Frank Yardley and friend and mentor “Shorty’ … Continue reading

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Government Fails to See the Wood on Terrorist Acts

Opinion by Rupert Pye It was sort of deja vu – a feeling of familiarity – when Prime Minister Ardern told New Zealanders that the government did everything they could to prevent the New Lynn Countdown stabbings by an Isis … Continue reading

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Superb Book on Growing your Own Vegetables

Book Review. “The Edible Backyard” by Kath Irvine. Published by Godwit (soft cover) Price $50. Reviewed by Tony Orman I’ve never quite worked out why more outdoor chaps don’t get into vegetable gardening at home. It’s sort of back to nature, it’s organic-free like the game or fish you bring … Continue reading

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My Deer Woods and Trout Streams Are Getting Crowded

Opinion by Tony Orman All anglers who fish the Clinton and Worsley rivers must obtain a backcountry endorsement. Only Adult Whole Season, Family, Loyal Senior, Non-resident Whole Season and Local Area licence holders are eligible for a Backcountry endorsement. The concept is … Continue reading

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Trout and Rivers Advocacy Urges Rural NZ to Test Water Supplies

All rural households that rely on their own water supplies should get them tested for nitrate levels if that water flows through agricultural land says NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA) spokesman Steve Gerard of Rakaia Gorge. His call came following nitrate … Continue reading

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A Terrific Book on Nepal’s Khumbu Region – Gateway to Mt Everest

“Khumbu: Gateway to Mount Everest” by Peter Lawrenson, published by Bateman Books, Price $69.99 Reviewed by Tony Orman Ever since Edmund Hillary’s historic ascent of Mt Everest and his subsequent humanitarian work in the Himalayan foothills, New Zealanders have had an enduring empathy and … Continue reading

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A “Must” Book to Read – if You Care About the Future

Book Review; He Puapua by John Robinson, published by Tross Publishing, Wellington. Available at good bookshops or ordered directly from Tross Publishing – for $35. Reviewed by Tony Orman John Robinson is one of the country’s top historians a former university lecturer, and research scientist … Continue reading

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Draconian Fish and Game Restructure Proposals Shelved

(special report) Proposals to radically restructure Fish and Game, that administer and manage trout and salmon fishing and duck and game bird shooting, have been shelved according to a letter from Conservation Minister Kiri Allan sent to the New Zealand … Continue reading

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CAFCA Research Reveals Farms going to Foreign Forestry Corporates

In response to a viewer’s request, here is a summary of foreign purchases of forestry land. Research by the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) shows a large number  of previously owned New Zealand farms and land going to … Continue reading

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Government Blind To Foreign-Owned Pine Monoculture

(press release 19 August, 2021) An outdoor recreation and conservation advocacy the Council of Outdoor Recreational Associations (CORANZ) is concerned about the widespread and increasing conversion of hill country farms to monocultures of pine trees. Sparking the concern by CORANZ … Continue reading

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Spectators Never Win in Political Decision-making

Opinion by Charles Baycroft There are two ways to regard government:- 1. “The Government”, which is what most people talk about when often saying “The Government Should or Should not ———“ You hear most people talking about this all the time because … Continue reading

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Time to Repair Damage Done to Nature

Abdridged from “Newsroom” The time for exploiting nature is over and we need to focus on putting things right, writes Rod Oram in a recent “Newsroom “column. He had just attended the annual conference of the Environmental Defence Society, which … Continue reading

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Capturing the Essence of Hunting

 by Tony Orman I briefly reviewed this book earlier but delving into it again and again, because it’s such a quality book, there’s much more to be said about the man and his book.  Peter Ryan has hunted over four … Continue reading

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Face It! Outdoor Has Direct Link With Politics and Democracy

Opinion by Rupert Pye A strongly growing emerging issue as we head just past halfway towards the end of 2021 is democracy or more exactly, the erosion of democracy. It is virtually two long years to the 2023 general election. … Continue reading

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Rifle, Rod and Gun Public Have Lost To “Omnipotent Moral Busybodies”

Opinion by Dr. Charlie Baycroft and Tony Orman Born in Belfast, Ireland, Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one of the most influential writers of his day. He held academic positions in … Continue reading

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Hate Speech Plans Recall Firearm Law Faults

Opinion: – Hugh Devereux-Mack, COLFO My father taught me that the key to success on the rifle range was to clearly identify your target, take time to breathe, and act consciously. This is true of life as well. The outcome … Continue reading

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New Book Captures Spiritual Quality of Mountains

Book review “The Spirit of the Mountains” by Ron Hay, published by Mary Egan Publishing. Price $39.95. Due to be released July 30. Reviewed by Tony Orman For half a century, Ron Hay has climbed in the Southern Alps. He loves … Continue reading

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Moa, Deer and Twiggy Plants

Special report A PhD thesis in biological sciences at the University of Waikato has highlighted the adaption of New Zealand’s vegetation to browsing first by moa over a period of millions of years and more recently by wild deer and … Continue reading

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Ministry Bureaucracy Doesn’t Want to be Accountable

From Legasea It is a concern for all of us that the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has once again shown they are unwilling or unable to show the public how they are carrying out their statutory duties. This time, … Continue reading

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Whitebait Season is Imminent

by Jimmy McIntosh It’s white baiting time again. It can be very challenging in the extreme. Some seasons see poor runs, others result in whitebait in large shoals moving into river mouths. Successfully catching whitebait requires patience and perseverance. The … Continue reading

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