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Australian Crime Up in Face of Firearm Confiscation

Special report Twelve months since law abiding firearm owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by the government –  a programme that cost Australian taxpayers more than $500 million dollars … Continue reading

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Politics and the Environment Are Simply Cause and Effect

Below are extracts from an editorial in the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Associations magazine “New Zealand Wildlife”  Autumn 1973 issue. John B Henderson then NZDA’s national president was the author. The previous year, the National government had been trounced at the … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of GDP – Ignores Quality of Life and Environment

Opinion by Tony Orman A recent newspaper column by Deidre Kent advocating “degrowth” dared to challenge the mindless pursuit of gross domestic product, that is GDP. GDP is the measurement of New Zealand’s progress and for that matter of the … Continue reading

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Top New Book on Marlborough Valley and Farmers

Book Review:- “The Clarence – People and Places of Waiau-toa” by Tim Fulton, published by Bateman Books. Price $79.99 Review by Tony Orman The Clarence River rises from Lake Tennyson high in the backcountry  west of Hanmer Springs. The river then runs … Continue reading

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Police Minister Hipkins’ Cannot Connect Firearm Clubs with Terrorism

Media Release by Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) says firearm club members have been enraged at the Police Minister’s implication that the Christchurch terrorist was harboured by a firearm club that should have identified … Continue reading

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Thomas Cranmer: The Vanishing National Park

Opinion by Thomas Cranmer Published on Basset, Brash and Hide site Abridged “We made a National Park disappear”  Those are the words of the Te Urewera chairman, Tamati Kruger – or as his iwi call him, King Tut. The recent … Continue reading

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Prejudiced Propaganda by Labour and Greens over Firearms

Opinion by Charles Drake The real facts about Tarrant and his crime are unlikely to become known.Our concern ought to be how to stop being punished for what Tarrant did and the failure of our government employees to administer their … Continue reading

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Colonisation of NZ by Foreign Corporates via Climate Change Hype

Opinion by Charles Drake As a swinging voters with no party ties, I am weighing up my options and each day or week for next year’s general election, and examining ideas emanating from the political parties. For instance subjects like … Continue reading

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Predators Are Not Evil But are Invariability Part of Healthy Ecosystems

Opinion by Tony Orman New Zealand has for many decades waged a war against predators. Currently there are a number of anti-predator campaigns, often using public money in big spend-ups on futile aerial poisoning exercises. In addition, in the end, … Continue reading

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The Reality of NZ’s Evolved 21st Century Ecosystem

An extract from a newly published book -”New Zealand -The Benefits of Colonisation” by Adam Plover, published by Tross Publishing The native people were not the only life form in New Zealand at the time that the first Europeans arrived; … Continue reading

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Canadian States Refuse to Back Trudeau’s “Gun Buy-back” Scheme

– special report A few days ago, Canada’s Saskatchewan provincial government announced it would not support the Canadian government ‘s buy-back firearms scheme. “The Saskatchewan government fully supports anti-crime initiatives,” said Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Christine Tell, … Continue reading

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Conservatinist-Tramper’s Book a Great Read

“Bushline – A Memoir” by Robbie Burton, published by Potton and Burton, price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman. Robbie Burton a partner in the Nelson publishing firm Potton and Burton, grew up in Nelson and from an early age, became … Continue reading

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Commercial Fishing Industry blindsided by gutting of Fisheries Bill

by Jem Traylen of “Business Desk” (abridged) Fisheries minister David Parker is blaming public mistrust in the quota management system for withdrawing an important part of a reform package being considered by parliament. In a move that blindsided the fishing … Continue reading

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Gilding a Turd

The release of the LAWA monitoring reports for 1727 river and lake sites reveals a national disgrace 82% of monitored lowland lakes are in a poor or very poor condition Water quality in rivers and streams is likely to be … Continue reading

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Declines in River and Water Quality Shameful

Recent news that the latest environmental assessment by Land, Air, Water, Aotearoa (LAWA) has revealed a continuing decline in the standard of New Zealand’s lakes, rivers and streams has been labelled as a “big wakeup call” on New Zealand. Chairman … Continue reading

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Carbon Mining – Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain.

Opinion from Pure Advantage There is a new risk to you – the taxpayer – from the government’s recent decision to back off from excluding exotic species like pine from the permanent forest category of the emissions trading scheme.  Pine, Pinus radiata. We use … Continue reading

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DOC 1080 Drop at Iconic Lake Wakatipu Cops Flak

A Department of Conservation aerial drop of 1080 to eradicate rats and stoats, at the head of Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown has drawn strong criticism from hunters and conservationists. Hunters are concerned that the drop area covers the whitetail deer … Continue reading

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Firearm Registry- Political, Not a Pragmatic One?

Opinion by Chaz Forsyth Introduction The value of a registry as a crime prevention and crime solving tool has repeatedly been advanced by its supporters..  The police on many occasions before the recent law changes have argued that a registry … Continue reading

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The Ethical Cost of Predator Free New Zealand 2050: Suffering in the name of Conservation

by Koen Margodt, Ph.D  The Jane Goodall Institute Global and Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium. Correspondence  The Predator Free 2050 (PF 2050) programme aims to eradicate key introduced mammals of New Zealand by 2050 in … Continue reading

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Make Your Vote Count

CORANZ is very strictly apolitical, but we do see apathy as a far greater threat to democracy than any political candidate. With local body elections looming, and closing midday on Saturday 8th October, it is vital you exercise your right … Continue reading

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