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Australia Lets Talley’s Super-Trawler to Target Fragile Orange Roughy

Fears are that Australia’s orange roughy stocks are under threat from a New Zealand super trawler of Talley Fisheries. The orange roughy fishery plunged under  previous fishing, apparently by Talleys. Conservationists are concerned by the decision to allow the Amaltal … Continue reading

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New Book Hits at NZ’s Freshwater Crisis

Book Review ”The Fight for Freshwater – a memoir” by Mike Joy, published by Bridget Williams Books, price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman. A leading ecologist and a controversial one at that Mike Joy has written a book “The Fight for … Continue reading

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So-called “Pests”are a Biological Weapon against Invasive Wilding Pines?

by Ben Hope Possums and rats may be a biological weapon against the spread of wilding pines in the high country by gobbling up the seeds. Research led by Scion invasion ecologist Tom Carlin revealed that rodents and possums – … Continue reading

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How Gun Control Works

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LegaSea Slams Fisheries NZ climate Blame Game over Snapper

Special report LegaSea is “stunned” that Fisheries NZ is blaming the climate for snapper having “milky white flesh syndrome.” “Fisheries NZ said the climate blame by-passed last year’s laboratory results that showed snapper were in a “state of chronic malnutrition”. … Continue reading

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Claims by Groups Over Firearm Proposals are False says COLFO

Special report Hugh Devereux-Mack The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) has refuted  anti-firearm based claims by the Police Association over government proposals aimed to ease irrelevant rules on firearm clubs and ranges. COLFO spokesperson Hugh Devereux-Mack gave as examples claims made … Continue reading

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COLFO Praises Government’s Firearm Reforms Despite Concerns from Police Association and Anti-Firearm lobbies.

From a statement from Brad Gallop, Chairperson, Council of Licensed Firearm Owners and newspaper reports. 25 June 2024 Brad Gallop, Chairperson, Council of Licensed Firearm Owners, has praised the coalition government’s current reform proposals of firearm laws in response to … Continue reading

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MP Duncan Webb Has it Wrong on Firearms

Opinion by David Mack Introduction: Lawyer and currently Labour MP for Christchurch Central Duncan Webb in his latest newsletter said this on the coalition government’s moves re firearm ownership. Under a heading Backtrack on Gun Safety, Duncan Webb wrote:- The … Continue reading

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School Possum Hunts have Negative Consequences for the Healthy Development of Empathy In Children

Opinion:- Lynley Tulloch  University Lecturer, Early Childhood Education School possum hunts in Aotearoa New Zealand tend to be polarising.  On the one hand is the school’s touted mission of environmental conservation couched in community values and identity. On the other … Continue reading

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What are Effects of Fluoride in Rotorua’s Town Water Supply?

By Alan Simmons      The Rotorua Council is considering a directive from the Health Department to add fluoride to Rotorua’s water supply.  Some Councillors and many of the public are opposing this.  As councils countrywide ramp up the addition … Continue reading

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Fast Track Bill Threatens Democracy and Environment Says NZFFA

Special Report A nationwide sports fishing and environmental advocacy, the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers has told a parliamentary select committee that the Fast Track Approvals Bill threatens both New Zealand’s  environment and democracy. “ We strongly oppose the … Continue reading

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“Pest Problem Pretty Scary” says DoC

Speaking at the Environmental Defence Society conference in Ōtautahi/Christchurch on 11 June, Minister of Conservation Tama Potaka told of a dismal outlook for a stressed Department of Conservation due to cyclonic storms, e.g. Gabrielle  the challenge of combatting “invasive species” … Continue reading

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Impulsive, Injudicious Cat Eradication Attempts “Fraught With Danger”

by Laurie Collins Editor’s note: Laurie Collins is now retired but still active recreationally in the “bush” particularly in the West Coast and Lewis Pass areas. His working career dealing with wildlife embraced early trials of 1080 poison, field work … Continue reading

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Police Not Fit and Proper to Run Firearm Ownership System

Press release Through an Official Information Act request, the Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand says it has uncovered that the police have been “quietly engaged” in a multi-year harassment campaign targeting legal firearm owners following the March 2019 shooting … Continue reading

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Horizon Poll Shows National Voters Worry About Fast Track Bill

There is widespread public concern about the Fast Track Approvals Bill being pushed by the coalition government’s two cabinet ministers Shane Jones and Chris Bishop. According to an article by Greenpeace, that concern has spread to many who voted National … Continue reading

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Inspiration Book on Fighting for the Environment

Book Review “Environmental Defenders – Fighting for our Natural World” by Raewyn Peart Price $79.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman The Environmental Defence Society often referred to as EDS, was established over 50 years ago in April 1971. It went into … Continue reading

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Minister Promises Improved Regulatory Approach for Clubs and Ranges

Special report Minister Nicole Mckee ACT spokesman for Firearms and Minister for Courts and the Associate Minister of Justice (Firearms) says the coalition government is positively working towards easing the regulatory burden imposed on shooting clubs and ranges by the … Continue reading

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New Book on Hunting Both Underwater and on Land

Book Review “Further Off the Beaten Track”, subtitle “Epic Hunting Adventures on Land and Sea” by Dave Shaw. Published by Bateman Books. Price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman Available August If there’s one fishing or hunting programme I especially like … Continue reading

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Pause in Wapiti Legal Action a Win for Fiordland

Special report The Game Animal Council has welcomed an agreement between Forest and Bird and the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation to pause legal proceedings over the management of wapiti deer in Fiordland National Park.   “Notification that the parties have asked … Continue reading

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Meddling With Nature Can Create Ecological Disasters

by Tony Orman Macquarie Island  halfway between Australia and Antarctica is a prime example of Man meddling with Nature and causing ecological disasters.  In 1985, Australian scientists set about a plan to eradicate wild cats that had been introduced in … Continue reading

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