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The Problem Isn’t Firearms but a Dysfunctional Society

Opinion by Tony Orman Recently there was a stabbing spree overseas that left two dead, including the attacker who was fatally shot by police. Naturally people were horrified but there was no visible reaction that stricter controls were needed on knife … Continue reading

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That first Deer

by Ben Hope The American hunting author Larry Weishuhn, in Pear Flat Philosophies, wrote, “Most people’s lives are filled with firsts – first day at school, first date, first kiss, first car – but for me perhaps none of my … Continue reading

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Welcome Reprint of a Great Tramping Guide Book

Book Review: “Tramping in Aotearoa” subtitled “New Zealand’s Top 45 Tracks” by Shaun Barnett. Published by Potton and Burton. Price $49.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman Shaun Barnett is already an established – indeed accomplished – author particularly in the field … Continue reading

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“Mother and Daughter Tackle the NZ-long Te Araroa Trail” Book

“Adventures with Emilie” sub-titled Taking on the Araroa trail in 138 life-changing days” by Victoria Bruce, published by Penguin Random House (NZ), price $40. Reviewed by Tony Orman Author Victoria Bruce and her 7 year old daughter Emilie took on … Continue reading

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Is Your Fish and Game Ownership Being Filched?

Currently the Wildlife Act is being reviewed by Government, i.e.  the Department of Conservation. Tony Orman highlights a vital section of it that prevents public ownership being taken over by privatisation. This article was written three years ago but is … Continue reading

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Public Opinion: Firearm crime up and registry won’t reduce it

Council of Licensed Firearm Owners – Press release A new survey has revealed that the public are noticing more firearm crime, but believe the firearm registry won’t reduce it, gravely weakening claims that the public support a registry.  A Clarity … Continue reading

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Democracy is Fragile Even in Outdoors Issues

Opinion by Tony Orman Way, way back in 1974 I wrote to the Labour government and in particular the Minister of Internal Affairs Henry May, about a government proposal to reorganise acclimatisation societies the predecessor of today’s fish and game … Continue reading

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OSPRI’s 1080 Research Cause for Concern

by Dr Jo Pollard BSc (Hons), PhD, Zoology According to OSPRI, the organisation responsible for controlling bovine Tb, 10 years of research have demonstrated “that 1080 can be used to control pests without harming native birds” (Media release, 1/8/23). OSPRI … Continue reading

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Rats Being Released to Combat Bird Problem

Special report Ship rats have been introduced to the  Lake Rotopiko Waikato wetland in an endeavour to combat the hundreds of thousands of birds that live there. The outcome is far from certain of theist under 50 ship rats released … Continue reading

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1080 Poison Damage Overwhelmingly Costly to Native Creatures

Special report A Canadian scientist Dr Alexis Pietak says New Zealand’s use of 1080 poison in its war against “pests” is doing extreme damage to the ecosystem and native wildlife species from birds to insects and other creatures. Her research … Continue reading

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The Green Party’s Plans for Public and Private Lands

by Dr. Peter Winsley The Green Party wants to facilitate the transfer of more public (or “Crown”) and private land to iwi, hapū, and whānau. The intent is to address inequities arising from Māori land loss, especially in the 19th century.The … Continue reading

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Top Book on “The Good Life”

Book Review ‘Life on Fodder Farm – A journey to Self Sufficiency” by Rebecca Stewart, published by Upstart Press. Price $39.99 Reviewed by Tony Orman Fishing and hunting people are into harvesting fish and game and even given to gathering. … Continue reading

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Engaging Book on Walking the Length of New Zealand

Book Review: “Not Alone: Walking Te Araroa Trail Through New Zealand” by Tim Voors, published by Bateman Books, price $45.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman Keen walker Tim Voors lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands and it was during a visit by an … Continue reading

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New Government will be held Responsible for Registry Success

COFO Press release COLFO says a survey by Gun Control NZ shows 2.8 million people will be furious when their support for a firearm registry proves to have been misplaced, as it was for the 2019 firearm confiscation. COLFO spokesperson … Continue reading

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1080 is a Threat to Insects and Insectivorous Birds

Back in 1989 a DSIR entomologist Peter Notman carried out a study on 1080 poison widely used by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation and OSPRI, the latter with the department’s blessing.  Abstract:- Compound 1080 is widely used in New Zealand … Continue reading

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More Firearms “Accidents” by Police – ACT

Press release by Nicole McKee, ACT party “How many privacy breaches will it take for the Government to admit that a firearms register is going to put firearms owners in danger?,” asks ACT’s firearms spokesperson Nicole McKee. After the Firearms … Continue reading

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Who Issued the Mosque Terrorist With a Firearm Licence?

Opinion by M.R. There needs to be accountability around how police issued a firearms licence to Brenton Tarrant – the Australian who is charged with, on March 15, 2019, the murder of 51 people, 40 counts of attempted murder and … Continue reading

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Labour Government and Greens Attack National’s Hunting Fishing Advocacy

Special Report The Minister of Conservation has attacked National’s proposal – if in government – for a Minister of Hunting and Fishing to advocate for wild game and sports fish management. Conservation Minister Willow-Jean Prime referring to them as “introduced” … Continue reading

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A Fishing and Hunting Minister Welcome But There’s Misgivings says NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party

Press release The National Party’s proposals for a Hunting and Fishing Minister in Government is very welcome says Alan Simmons, President of the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party and a lifetime hunter and fisherman. However the appointment of such a … Continue reading

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Resignations Appropriate Response for Police Firearm Data Breach

Press release COLFO says the Police Minister should treat very seriously the latest data breach caused by the new Firearm Safety Authority, by promising an explanation, a fix, compensation for affected people, and resignations if errors are made again.   … Continue reading

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