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Half a Million Apolitical Losers?

Opinion by Charlie Baycroft People that hunt, fish and own firearms are being discriminated against and disadvantaged because they will not become politically active and involved in electing effective representatives to speak for them in their government.Let us call these people … Continue reading

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Firearms are Not to Blame for Shootings; the Mentally Sick Society created by Politicians is

Opinion by Lew Hore The news about a rise in firearm crimes as reported in the “Otago Daily Times” 12 April, 2023 suggests that undemocratically rushed government measures following the tragic Mosque shooting by the Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant in March … Continue reading

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DOC Increases Hut Prices for Taxpaying public

Press release by Department of Conservation The Department of Conservation is  updating accommodation prices for huts, lodges, some campsites, the West Coast’s Paparoa Track, and off-season rates for some Great Walk huts. The new prices will be applied for the 2023/24 booking year, from 1 … Continue reading

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Wild Pig – is There a Good Side to Them?

A Thought by Ben Hope One wee vale of a valley I used to hunt was frequently rotary-hoed by wild pigs. Now there is an intense dislike of wild pigs by just about everyone. But what I noticed as pigs … Continue reading

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Briefing to Police Minister reveals risks of firearm license fee increases to frontline officers

Last week, the Police Association refused to publish an article by COLFO which detailed objections to the fees and has since run in the “New Zealand Herald”. The article cites a January briefing to the Police Minister which warned that … Continue reading

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Ardern’s Environmental Appointment is Puzzling

Opinion by Tony Orman Jacinda Ardern has just been been appointed a trustee of the Prince of Wales’ prestigious environment award, “The Earthshot Prize” created by Prince William to fund projects that aim to save the planet. Prince William was … Continue reading

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Licensed Firearms Owners Treated like Criminals by Government – ACT

“The Government’s proposed changes to firearms licensing regulations are insulting to hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Kiwis,” says ACT’s Firearms Law Reform spokesperson Nicole McKee. “An increase from $126.50 to $625.60 for a new five year firearms licence is proposed … Continue reading

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Many Endangered or Lost Species, but Some Extinctions Are Inevitable

Opinion by Paul Revere   Many believe  – among them ecologists – believe the world is beset with a massive extinction, the sixth mass extinction which comprises the five previous catastrophic events over the past 600 million years, during which … Continue reading

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Frightening Lack of Science Behind Super-poisoning Plans

by Dr Jo Pollard (BSc (Hons), PhD) “You may drive out Nature with a pitchfork, yet she still will hurry back” (Horace, Roman poet, 65-8 BC).  For decades now, DoC (NZ’s Department of Conservation) has been finding that nature is … Continue reading

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Keas’ Days Under Siege

Opinion by Laurie Collins It is accepted that a good proportion off New Zealanders are opposed to 1080 poison used as an “animal control” tool in New Zealand. Not mentioned is the carbon footprint associated with an aerial drop of … Continue reading

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New Police Minister must check Police equations behind firearm fee increase

The newly-minted Police Minister, Ginny Andersen, has been called on by the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) to investigate how the previous Minister allowed Police to propose extraordinary fee increases for licensed firearm owners without evidence. A COLFO analysis … Continue reading

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Coromandel Scallops Closure Protects Beds

Special report LegaSea has welcomed the closure of the Coromandel scallop beds to fishing as recently announced by the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Stuart Nash. The scallop fishery extends from Leigh in the north, through the Hauraki Gulf and … Continue reading

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Recipes With Totally Organic Venison!

By Ben Hope Venison is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. That is wild venison for it’s totally organic. Wild deer are totally herbivore and totally free range. You’ll cut back on fat and calories in comparing venison … Continue reading

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Kina Dredging in Marlborough Sounds Must Stop!

Kina, a shellfish known around the south as ‘spiky gold’, is still being dredged commercially in the Tory Channel. Recreational fishers and environmental interests are objecting to this archaic practice and are urging the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries to … Continue reading

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The Reality – Cyclonic Storms are Natural Climate Events

Opinion by Tony Orman Cyclone Gabrielle came, conquered and left a path of destruction and devastation on the North Island’s east coast, particularly Hawkes Bay. Shocking as the destruction was, extreme weather events due to climate change are nothing new. Recently … Continue reading

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Police Will Make $700 Profit Processing a Firearm License

Media release – Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) March 1, 2023.  According to new fees proposed by Police, it takes a staffer 35 hours of work to process one firearms license application. The finding comes from a new analysis by … Continue reading

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Pine Forests Monocultures are Out of Control

Press Release CORANZ 16 February, 2023  Monocultures of pines are a disaster for the environment and people says the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand (CORANZ). The comment comes in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle with a Radio … Continue reading

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Exotic Carbon Credit Pine Forests Destroy Kiwi ‘Way Of Life’ Including Public’s Outdoor Access

Opinion by Alan Simmons. President of NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party. Commercial forestry and “carbon farming” is resulting in New Zealanders losing their traditional access to outdoor recreation. The locals who previously accessed that land for hunting and fishing or … Continue reading

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A “must have” Book for Most New Zealanders

Secrets of the Sea by Robert Vennell, published by Harper Collins. Price $55. Reviewed by Tony Orman This book, an introduction to New Zealand’s fish and shellfish, is a “must” for the keen saltwater angler and “boatie”. The author  – … Continue reading

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Election Issue – Governments Move to Disarm the Law Abiding Public

Opinion by Paul Revere  One wonders why people in governments are so keen to disarm the responsible. law abiding citizens? They must know that this will not prevent violent criminals from owning and using guns and other offensive weapons to commit … Continue reading

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