Public Distrust of Shane Jones as Fisheries Minister – Horizon Research

Recent polling by Horizon Research shows deep seated distrust in Shane Jones as Minister of Ocean and Fisheries.

Fifty seven percent (2,298,000 adults) believe donations from commercial interests run a risk of influencing decisions made by Members of Parliament and 57 percent also  said that a Member of Parliament who has accepted donations from the fishing industry should not be Minister of Oceans and Fisheries.

Greenpeace oceans campaigner Ellie Hooper said  the polling’s results shows the “clear lack of trust” New Zealanders have in Shane Jones as the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries.

“New Zealanders are fair-minded, and they see it as a serious issue that Jones takes donations from the commercial fishing sector when he is responsible for regulating that industry,” she added.

Wined and Dined

The Horizon polling comes after a week where Jones reportedly wined and dined with fishing industry bosses who allegedly financed his election campaign.

Ellie Hooper said obviously the vast majority of New Zealanders want increased ocean protection, transparency around what the commercial fishing industry gets up to at sea, and a ban on destructive bottom trawling in the South Pacific.

The data shows that 73 percent of those polled want bottom trawling banned in the South Pacific, despite Jones signing off on New Zealand’s position to ” block any further protections for vulnerable habitats in the area this month.

A “Newsroom” article last week said “a fishing boss, who Newsroom has confirmed is one of NZ First deputy leader Shane Jones’ biggest campaign donors, is pushing for the minister to get rid of cameras on boats.” The fishing head is Westfleet chief executive Craig Boote.

“Boote was one of the industry leaders putting his case on cameras, catch limits, bottom trawling and immigration waivers to the minister at an exclusive wine and oysters function last night.”

Long History

Shane Jones has had a long history of receiving political donations from corporate fishing companies.

In 2017 – an election year –  “Stuff” reported  When NZ First candidate Shane Jones was a Labour MP he declared donations of $10,000 apiece from Sealord and Talley’s. The Sunday Star-Times in 2017 said it “understands Talley’s is also helping fund Jones’ Whangarei campaign for NZ First.” Some other MPs reportedly also took donations from Talleys.


Minister being pushed to get rid of cameras on boats?
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2 Responses to Public Distrust of Shane Jones as Fisheries Minister – Horizon Research


    He is the reason I didnt vote for Winston.

  2. Pat Leeson says:

    So the anonymous author of this article is accusing Minister Jones of unduly pandering to commercial fishing interests? This is a specious argument. Would you rather he pandered to recreational interests? Or environmental interests? Or maori?
    The problem here is not who the Minister is pandering to. It is the pandering itself. You cannot manage natural resources such as fisheries on the basis of lobbying or political popularity. It can only be successfully managed by applying robust, peer reviewed science. That would be a more constructive message for “Guest” and Ellie Hooper to put to Minister Jones than who it is/is not that he should pander to.

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