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Rifle, Rod and Gun Public Have Lost To “Omnipotent Moral Busybodies”

Opinion by Dr. Charlie Baycroft and Tony Orman Born in Belfast, Ireland, Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one of the most influential writers of his day. He held academic positions in … Continue reading

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Howl of a Protest

I know ‘cos I was there – A Personal Account By Andi Cockroft With no Farmer’s Dog Howl events scheduled for Wellington, I made the 100km trip north over the Remutaka’s to Masterton. “Arrive 2 hours early,” I was told. “You’ll need … Continue reading

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Hate Speech Plans Recall Firearm Law Faults

Opinion: – Hugh Devereux-Mack, COLFO My father taught me that the key to success on the rifle range was to clearly identify your target, take time to breathe, and act consciously. This is true of life as well. The outcome … Continue reading

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New Book Captures Spiritual Quality of Mountains

Book review “The Spirit of the Mountains” by Ron Hay, published by Mary Egan Publishing. Price $39.95. Due to be released July 30. Reviewed by Tony Orman For half a century, Ron Hay has climbed in the Southern Alps. He loves … Continue reading

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Moa, Deer and Twiggy Plants

Special report A PhD thesis in biological sciences at the University of Waikato has highlighted the adaption of New Zealand’s vegetation to browsing first by moa over a period of millions of years and more recently by wild deer and … Continue reading

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Ministry Bureaucracy Doesn’t Want to be Accountable

From Legasea It is a concern for all of us that the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has once again shown they are unwilling or unable to show the public how they are carrying out their statutory duties. This time, … Continue reading

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Whitebait Season is Imminent

by Jimmy McIntosh It’s white baiting time again. It can be very challenging in the extreme. Some seasons see poor runs, others result in whitebait in large shoals moving into river mouths. Successfully catching whitebait requires patience and perseverance. The … Continue reading

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Going Outdoors Does You Good

By courtesy of Sharp Health News From fresh air, sun, trees, Nature is a magical thing, and according to some studies, can have strong healing powers — such as improving mood, boosting the immune system and increasing anti-cancer proteins. “Being … Continue reading

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Covid – a Ill Wind?

Opinion by Tony Orman “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good,” my dear mother used to say. It was an adage that I initially found somewhat confusing but now I know through experience. The experience of lockdown due to … Continue reading

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The Affluenza Addiction

Opinion by Tony Orman News that yet another mega store (K Mart) has come to town, did not thrill me. To the contrary, I groaned. But it did thrill others judging by reactions. In community papers, text messages indicated people were hysterically ecstatic … Continue reading

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Politics and the Environment – Cause and Effect

Opinion by John B Henderson  The late John B Henderson was national president of the NZ Deerstalkers Association, a keen trout fly fisherman. and saltwater angler  He wrote many editorials in NZDA’s magazine “NZ Wildlife”. In this editorial of Autumn 1973, he … Continue reading

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What’s Up DOC? (Subtitle):- What if NZ ’s Entire Conservation Policy has been based on a massive mistake?

By the late Bill Benfield A reader has sent in this article,written by Wairarapa conservationist and author Bill Benfield and published in “Investigate” magazine February/March 2014. This is an abridged version. It still remains very relevant in 2021 and especially … Continue reading

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Open letter to MPs

Opinion by Jim Hilton, retired scientist and environmentalist of Karamea, West Coast. Open Letter to MPs     [ If you go to the NZ Parliament website and follow the links to Contact an MP it explains how to send  a letter … Continue reading

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Who Owns New Zealand?

Press release from Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) by Murray Horton , secretary organiser CAFCA   The researcher/writer emphasises these key points:  “While many people will be looking to see the impact of the covid crisis on the foreign … Continue reading

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Forest and Bird “Wacky” Blaming of Wild Animals

Opinion by David Haynes of Nelson Introduction: On June 18, 2021 “Stuff” ran a Forest and Bird article entitled “Culling Pests Could Slash Carbon Output”. The “pests” included “deer, possums, goats, feral pigs and other invasive animals”. Forest and Bird argued culling these “pests” would allow native forests to recover to … Continue reading

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Guest post from Alan Simmons, President & Co-Leader. NZ Outdoors Party  items in italics are actual quotes from DOC briefing papers to the Minister. Please help to build up a fighting fund in case we need to mount a judicial … Continue reading

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Swiss Voter Reject a Pesticide Ban But—

Voters in Switzerland on Sunday overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to ban the use of pesticides. The ban would have stopped their use not only on farms but in home gardens too. It would also have prohibited the import of produce … Continue reading

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Top New Hunting Book Hits the Bookshelves

Book Review “Hunting Life”, subtitled “Moments of Truth” by Peter Ryan, published by Bateman Books, price $39.99, release date 12th July Reviewed by Tony Orman   Peter Ryan has hunted over four continents, among them Africa and South America and … Continue reading

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Swiss Voters Referendum on Pesticide-free

Switzerland is holding a referendum over whether or not to ban synthetic pesticides. Environmentalists, are battling the powerful lobby of farmers and agrochemical companies over the issue. The pesticide issue has been simmering for some time with the public concern … Continue reading

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Historic Hawkes Bay Homestead Book

Book review “Historic Homesteads of Hawkes Bay” by Angus Gordon, published by Mary Egan Publishing, Price $50. Reviewed by Tony Orman Hawkes Bay has a rich rural history of early European farming settlement. Often gracious homesteads were built on the … Continue reading

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