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The Original Good Keen Man – Charlie (Mr Explorer) Douglas

by Tony Orman In  A P Harper’s book “Memories of Mountains and Men” he told of the remarkable pioneer explorer Charlie Douglas. Charles Edward Douglas was a 19th century New Zealand surveyor and explorer, who came to be known as … Continue reading

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An Opinion by a “Anti-1080 Nutter”

by Bill Wallace, founder of the Ban 1080 Party Published in the Greymouth Star, 21 September, 2018 I became seriously opposed to the aerial use of 1080 in 2014. At the time I was flying DoC staff and contractors into Kahurangi … Continue reading

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Police Role and Responsibility for Mosque Massacre under Spotlight

All eyes are on December 8 when the Royal Commission report back on the March 15 mosque attack by Australian citizen Brenton Tarrant.  Chief focus for many will be the failure of police to properly vet the Australian terrorist’s application … Continue reading

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Three “Cracker” Books for a Gift or Holiday Reading

by Tony Orman Potton and Burton have a well deserved reputation for publishing quality books of exceptional quality. Happily for outdoor-minded Kiwis the publishers’ subjects invariably focus strongly on the outdoors and environment. Three new publications, all very impressive publications … Continue reading

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1080 Drop in Tararua Ranges Based on Fibs and Fallacies

A West Coast conservationist and spokesman for the Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust has challenged the justification for a 1080 aerial drop in the Tararua Ranges by OSPRI (former Animal Health Board), saying it is founded on a false belief that … Continue reading

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Time to Clean up Murk Around Political Donations

Opinion by Tony Orman Stuff ran an article in August 2017 on political party donations. The first two paragraphs are worth noting:- “ Ask Sir Peter Talley if his fishing company is donating to New Zealand First’s political campaign and he will say “no comment.” … Continue reading

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Don’t be an Ostrich – Get Involved!

Opinion by Ben Hope Robert M Hutchins noted American educational philosopher once said  “The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.” Think of general … Continue reading

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Siltation a Major Environmental Problem mostly Unseen and Out of Mind

Opinion by Tony Orman   Satellite imagery carried out by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council reveals hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sediment in some of our major rivers and spewing out 20 kilometres offshore following the region’s recent storm. … Continue reading

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Would You Like Another Meeting Or a Cup Of Tea Instead?

With apologies to The King’s Breakfast by A.A. Milne by Peter Trolove An angler went a fishing, his day became a frown With plants and toxic algae up and water levels down In his search for missing fish as the … Continue reading

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Leonard Cockayne: How one man’s vision distorted science and a nation.

Previously published this article by the late Bill Benfield looks at a man who in the early 20th century was held up as the guru of botany and ecology and who “master-minded” the infamous “Deer Menace Conference of 1930 that … Continue reading

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CORANZ Submissions on Whitebaiting

CORANZ objects in general, to the approach of altering fishing regulations and its impact on recreational fishing in the mistaken view to increasing whitebait populations. CORANZ is not aware of sufficient evidence of whitebait decline as a result of fishing. … Continue reading

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Erosion of Democracy Cause for Focus

Opinion by Tony Orman   Over the last decade or two I have had increasing concern that democracy is being eroded and is under continuing siege. Earlier this year, the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand (CORANZ) expressed concern that parliament’s select … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Takes Aim at Seabed Mining and Bottom Trawling

This week a Greenpeace Oceans team is in the Supreme Court in a bid to stop seabed mining while at Parliament yesterday a 50,000 strong petition against bottom trawling was given to  David Parker, minister for Ocean and Fisheries.  Greenpeace said … Continue reading

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Tararua 1080 Drops Meet Strong Opposition

Report by Hugh Francis Opposition is swelling against government and local body plans to dowse the Tararua Ranges with 1080 poison. Latest is opposition by a Horowhenua iwi to a 1080 drop by OSPRI. in the Tararua Range east of … Continue reading

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Wasteful Spending on an Imaginary Pest

Opinion by John McNab Possums are frequently blamed for spreading Tb.  The accusation comes mainly from OSPRI – which has morphed from the original Animal Health Board (AHB) – and farming groups such as Federated Farmers.  Adding heat to the … Continue reading

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Possum – Forest and Bird Pest or Resource?

Opinion by John McNab “We shall be doing a great service to the country in stocking these large areas with this valuable and harmless animal.” So said the Auckland Acclimatisation Society Annual Report 1917, in discussing in liberating possums. But … Continue reading

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Be Different – Dare to Speak Out

Opinion by James Speedy Should a government be boss? Should government tell the people what to do? Or should the elected body do as the voter people want them to do? If you believe the government should be humble and … Continue reading

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NZ’s Shameful Wild Animal Cruelty

Opinion by John McNab There is an organisation Safe for Animals (SAFE) which has the vision of “New Zealand free of cruelty, a society where we nurture our instincts for compassion, and where we are kind to ourselves, animals and … Continue reading

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Outdoors Recreation Can Reduce Costly Obesity

Opinion by Ben Hope New Zealand has the third highest adult obesity rate in the OECD, and rates continue to increase. One in three adult New Zealanders (over 15 years) is classified as obese and one in ten children.  Government … Continue reading

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OSPRI – An Empire Built on a Fallacy?

This article of views of the late Bill Benfield was published in 2016. Bill was co-chair of CORANZ (Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand) . Four years later they are still very relevant and the questions posed need … Continue reading

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