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There are Crackpot and Credible Conspiracies

By Tony Orman Conspiracy theorists proliferate in a time of crisis as in covid 19, recently wrote a columnist Max Boot in the “Washington Post.” When people despair, they often seek solace either in mainstream religion or in less organised, … Continue reading

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Fish and Game Democracy Backed by CORANZ

The Fish and Game organisation that administers and manages he public’s trout and salmon fishing and game bird shooting and currently subject to a government review, has been given a “thumbs up” from an outdoor recreation council. Council of Outdoor … Continue reading

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Government Parties Sellout NZ to Foreigners

Opinion by Ben Hope The government’s three political parties with an election looming, are guilty of a 2017 election broken promise over foreigners buying rural land. Last year in October 2019 it was revealed despite Labour, the Greens and New … Continue reading

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Let’s Reverse Decline in Sporting Shooting

Opinion by Phil Cregeen, NZ Sporting Shooters Association Shooting and firearm ownership is in decline in New Zealand but we can turn that around, if we all play our part. As an example of what can be done, Sporting Shooters … Continue reading

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DOC’s National Park 1080 Drops are Irresponsible

A  recreational hunting forum has criticised the Department of Conservation’s aerial drops of 1080 poison  in the public’s national parks such as Fiordland and Nelson Lakes. Laurie Collins of Westport spokesman for the Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust, described the drops … Continue reading

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Government Environment Destruction by 1080 Astounding

Opinion by Stewart Hydes Secretary Council of Outdoor Recreation Assns. The publicly funded Department of Conservation has embarked on a senseless, wasteful, destructive series of mega-1080 poison drop. Under attack are the ecosystems of places like North West Nelson, Nelson … Continue reading

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N.Z. FEDERATION 0F RIFLE, ROD & GUN SPORTSMEN News Release 1 August, 1969

From the Past The late John B Henderson was a strong supporter of the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations. As national president of the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association in the late 1960s and early 1970s and also in the 1980s, … Continue reading

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Top New Trout Fishing Book on “How to”

by Tony Orman Book Review. “Flyfishng in New Zealand – What you Need to Know”, by Derek Grzelewski. Published by Bsteman Books. price $39.99 Derek Grzelewsk is already an accomplished author of deservedly well acclaimed trout fishing books, his first … Continue reading

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The RMA is Bad, But Enforcement is Far, Far Worse

Opinion by Andi Cockroft Whilst many would agree that the RMA has grown and evolved over many iterations into the hopeless article it is now, what compounds the problem is the ramshackle enforcement by agencies tasked with enforcing it. Whether … Continue reading

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The 2020 Election Turning Into Farce

The 2020 election is turning into a farce and is becoming totally undemocratic, according to Alan Simmons, co-leader of the NZ outdoors party.  “Every step of the electoral system, media coverage and fund allocation is designed to protect the status … Continue reading

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Don’t be Afraid of Politicians and Government

Opinion by Tony Orman The Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has announced the election this year will be held on September 19. I was talking to a friend, a keen trout fishing and hunting guy the other day and when I … Continue reading

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