Government Environment Destruction by 1080 Astounding

Opinion by Stewart Hydes
Secretary Council of Outdoor Recreation Assns.
The publicly funded Department of Conservation has embarked on a senseless, wasteful, destructive series of mega-1080 poison drop. Under attack are the ecosystems of places like North West Nelson, Nelson Lakes National Park, Tararua Range Forest Park, Wet Jacket Arm Fiordland National Park and others.
Government stands limply by as did the previous National government and the media lack the intelligence to ask questions and even attempt some semblance of investigative journalism.
Cabinet Ministers like National’s Nick Smith and the current Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage stridently laud 1080.
I find it absolutely, unequivocally astounding – totally beyond adjectives – that here we are, in a modern democracy – and such an ideologically-driven, economic and environmental rort is being allowed to occur.
Those of us who knew the wilderness and outdoors first hand, believe we can see through it – yet we seem so utterly powerless to do anything about it.
Seemingly, we have no choice but to stand by – whinging and snivelling – while, amongst other things:
(1)  taxpayer money is poured down the drain, in seemingly ever-increasing quantities;
(2)  non-target species, acknowledged to be sentient, and protected by law from cruelty in all other contexts, are cruelly slaughtered by the slow-to-kill toxin, in truly vast numbers – admitted to be up to over 90%, in some cases.
(3)  protected native species .. including such incredible marvels as Kea (the world’s only true alpine parrot, and arguably its most intelligent bird, with the problem-solving capability of a 4 year old human child, chiefly among them, also cruelly fall victim to what is ironically ministers and bureaucrats purport to be their saviour while admitting 1080 kills up to 50% of locally-affected populations at least, in some cases.
Even our critically endangered takahe are not safe, so it seems, but outdoors people knew that.
Chemical Pollution
For what we are witnessing is surely the world’s worst example of deliberate, indiscriminately aerially-applied, state-sponsored, environmentally, financially and socially disastrous, chemical pollution, on a truly massive scale – thousands of tonnes of food-imitating baits laced with a WHO Class 1A toxin – across millions of hectares – currently occurring, across the public’s lands.
Incompetent Media
And yet the mainstream media are almost apparently impossible to get interested in even airing the story!
And all for a short-term, at best, population reduction of certain targeted species (if you call a sledgehammer to crack a single walnut sitting atop a pile of walnuts “targeted”) in pursuit of an ideological yet impossible goal – that it would take a conservatively-estimated $1.6 trillion to achieve – on the roughly 8 million hectare public conservation estate alone.
Yes .. truly, unequivocally astounding.
Editor’s Footnote: 1080 was developed in the 1920s as an insecticide and was then found to kill anything that breathes [USES] oxygen and consumes the poison bait [in sufficient quantities. It is a metabolic toxin]. The creature’s carcass remains toxic so any other creature scavenging it is poisoned too. The manufacturers recommend strongly burying carcasses but the poisoners in New Zealand ignore this. It has been described – accurately – as an ecosystem poison.

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6 Responses to Government Environment Destruction by 1080 Astounding

  1. GEORGE BROWN says:

    I totally agree .What is not stated is the poison that enters our water table through being dumped in waterways as part of the aerial spreading and through rotting carcases that are washed into rivers ans streams after poisoning.
    Unfortunately the general populace of NZ seems to be unaware or do not care about the cruelty to our sentiant beings nor the ongoing potential danger to NZers over time .

  2. Dave Richardson says:

    I’m now in my eighty’s and I made my living out of the NZ bush and so know it very well. We had some of the most interesting birds and ecosystem that was in equilibrium with one another adapting over the years. From Pangaea to Gonwana land to New Zealand as we know it has been adapting . With the dying out of the Moa to the introduction of the deer and other animals like the rabbit and stoat, possum the New Zealand bush has adapted to accommodate them. This has been done with out the help of man but now with deadly poisons we are not only poisoning the ecosystem but we are poisoning ourselves and destroying the balance of nature as no poison is natural. The only out come of this will be detrimental to all living things and can only end is disaster. Those of us who have an infinity with the bush can see this very clearly
    unlike the people who we have voted in to help run our country. We, the people elected most times, people who understand what we know is right but our Government is now not listing as they have some unknown agenda to destroy all that we know and love.

  3. Steve Hart says:

    Ask what the agenda is and how much they have been paid off ? Agenda…global famine?

  4. Francis Maxino says:

    I have witnessed first hand the death and destruction 1080 drops cause. I am gobsmacked that it is continuing when the wholesale contamination of forest and wildlife areas clearly failing to achieve their objective, putting native species at risk of direct poisoning, the collateral damage on our natural environment is unacceptable, the rationale behind it utterly flawed, the science supporting it deranged and totally inhumane. Even just from the stance of it causing suffering and cruelty to animals it is unbelievably grotesque and sick. Management of so-called ‘pests’ should not include pouring tons of lethal, univerally lethal poisonous pellets all over our natural environment in huge quantities.

  5. Sandra Hebberd says:

    1080 is banned in most countries of the world
    There is no known antidote to 1080
    Many creatures die prolonged agonising deaths
    1080 poisoning also occurs through secondary poisoning and its only a matter of time before a meat hunter is poisoned as are many of our native birds of prey.
    1080 began as an insecticide. its only a matter of time before our honey industry is adversely affected.
    Our exports only have to show up with 1080 residue and our primary products will be rejected
    Overseas research shows 1080 is uptaken by plants.
    Our indiscriminate poison drops leave dead carcasses through out the drop area which is illegal.
    Unexplained deaths and illnesses must be tested for 1080 poisoning if asked for
    As an x hunter and trapper I was able to tell immediately if I went to an area that had been poisoned with 1080. There was complete silence. The bush was dead.

  6. Dave Stewart says:

    Unbelievable that anyone could think that pouring a deadly eco toxic poison over the country could save anything , just a big money spinner for doc .Apart from Australia it is banned in the rest of the world!

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