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Guest post from Alan Simmons, President & Co-Leader. NZ Outdoors Party  items in italics are actual quotes from DOC briefing papers to the Minister. Please help to build up a fighting fund in case we need to mount a judicial … Continue reading

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Swiss Voter Reject a Pesticide Ban But—

Voters in Switzerland on Sunday overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to ban the use of pesticides. The ban would have stopped their use not only on farms but in home gardens too. It would also have prohibited the import of produce … Continue reading

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Top New Hunting Book Hits the Bookshelves

Book Review “Hunting Life”, subtitled “Moments of Truth” by Peter Ryan, published by Bateman Books, price $39.99, release date 12th July Reviewed by Tony Orman   Peter Ryan has hunted over four continents, among them Africa and South America and … Continue reading

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Swiss Voters Referendum on Pesticide-free

Switzerland is holding a referendum over whether or not to ban synthetic pesticides. Environmentalists, are battling the powerful lobby of farmers and agrochemical companies over the issue. The pesticide issue has been simmering for some time with the public concern … Continue reading

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Historic Hawkes Bay Homestead Book

Book review “Historic Homesteads of Hawkes Bay” by Angus Gordon, published by Mary Egan Publishing, Price $50. Reviewed by Tony Orman Hawkes Bay has a rich rural history of early European farming settlement. Often gracious homesteads were built on the … Continue reading

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Fishing and Shooting Public Overwhelmingly Opposed to Government Interference

The trout fishing and duck shooting public are overwhelmingly opposed to a proposal to inject Government appointees into Fish and Game. That is the interim result from an on-going survey by the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA) of the anglers’ and hunters’ opinion … Continue reading

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Climate Change Commission has Hidden Agenda?

(contributed) The Climate Change Commission recently released its final recommendations for Government.  But the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has attacked it for its inability to fight climate change. “This plan is not actually about reducing emissions. It is about a … Continue reading

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Sophisticated Gangs Ignore Firearm Laws

Press Release:- NZ Council Of Licensed Firearms Owners The recovery of a 3D printed semi-automatic firearm from a Head Hunters gang pad shows criminals do not care for firearm laws and they are becoming more sophisticated, says  COLFO Chair Michael Dowling … Continue reading

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Do Possums Like Eggs? An Update

In a 4-part experiment laid out HERE, I showed a backyard experiment confirming absolutely that possums are not interested in eggs – even when a lure is pasted on them. I also encouraged anyone who wished to undertake the experiment … Continue reading

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Keeping the Public Alarmed and Consequences

Opinion by Ben Hope Conspiracy theories abound particularly on the social media and more particularly in recent years. They focus on events like global warming, the prolonged coronavirus pandemic and U.S. presidential election and even intrude into the outdoors and … Continue reading

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Impact of 1080 – It’s Not Just Animals (Part 2)

In part 2 we look at other impacts of 1080 poisoning and the devastating effects it can have, and our Governments (past and present) ruthless and ever-expanding 1080 programme. In Part 1 (here), we looked at the effects of 1080 … Continue reading

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