Do Possums Like Eggs? An Update

In a 4-part experiment laid out HERE, I showed a backyard experiment confirming absolutely that possums are not interested in eggs – even when a lure is pasted on them.

I also encouraged anyone who wished to undertake the experiment themselves, don’t just take my word for it – certainly don’t trust government propaganda that even they admit was sourced from a 3rd-party.

Well, at least one reader has taken up the gauntlet and repeated my trials but using smaller eggs. These were warmed in water before being placed outside.

This short 3 minute video was put together by Neville Du Fall, and includes adding meat to some of the food offered.

To quote Neville “Guaranteed accurate and honest. Eggs warmed by putting in warm water, no scent. Did this experiment 8 times with 7 different wild possums. Non showed any interest. Also used warmed meat, same result.

So who else wants to give it a go?

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3 Responses to Do Possums Like Eggs? An Update

  1. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    Risky business arguing against conventional wisdom inthis propaganda saturated country.My advise is to invest in some well padded knee cap protection.Perhaps a littlehistorical study of the fate awaiting those not folloeing the state prescription.
    Frankly, I’d give you a shelf life of 10 minutes in North Korea!!

  2. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    Make that 5 minutes if you branch out into criticizing Comrade Cindy’s plan for apartheid Nrezealastine PuaPua by 2040 .Sister JaCinderella has a place for people like you ain’t purdy neirther[hmmm talk about,”in the poo”I’ll look away.

  3. Percy Parker says:

    It is absurd how DOC and even some scientists try and label the possum as a carnivore. I even heard a Landcare Research scientist rank wild deer as predators! Possums and deer are herbivores.
    A moments thought about Australia should realise the spin (fibs) DOC puts on things. Possums are native to Australia, yet Australia’s bird life is quite abundant – and noisy! I’m sure they have rats in the countryside too. They don’t go paranoid over predators.
    So what is the difference between Australia and NZ?
    NZ by its use of aerial 1080, is destroying the equilibrium of the food chain with bad consequences. Things go haywire under mass killing. As research has shown, after aerial 1080, super fast breeding species like surviving rats (15% survivors from 1080?) mushroom out of control, breeding like fury and within 12 months have regained numbers and continue to increase so in 4 years numbers are three times original numbers. Research on this was done in 2007. Also other studies.

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