Sophisticated Gangs Ignore Firearm Laws

The recovery of a 3D printed semi-automatic firearm from a Head Hunters gang pad shows criminals do not care for firearm laws and they are becoming more sophisticated, says 
COLFO Chair Michael Dowling says:
“We are sure all law-abiding firearm owners are applauding Police for the recent successful arrests of organised crime members through local and international operations.”
“The recovery of an illegal 3D printed gun reveals that criminal enterprises have been upskilling in manufacture of illegal firearms,” Dowling says.
Dowling says the 3D gun underlines three problems with the Government’s ideas about illegal firearms:
  • Banning firearms doesn’t stop them being accessed and used by criminals
  • Firearm registers will only hold the details of compliant firearms owners, at great cost for little or no public benefit
  • If it is easier to make firearms than steal from licenced firearm owners, further restrictions on licensed holders will have no effect on criminal use.
“If criminals are printing illegal semi-automatic firearms, a firearms register will not help public safety. Gang members will not comply, and their 3D printed firearms will exist entirely outside the police database.
“The government’s focus has been – and continues to be – on the wrong people,” Dowling says.
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4 Responses to Sophisticated Gangs Ignore Firearm Laws

  1. Gerry Woodehouse says:

    Adern and her compliant Cabinet at the behest of the strident Police Association rammed through law, totally undemocratically, that has benefited gangs and penalised law abiding firearm owners. Brainless or is it a calculated step towards banning firearm ownership down the track?

  2. Honest Dave says:

    It is also an indictment of our marxist anti-firearm leaders that only
    2 in every 10 containers coming into NZ have their contents xrayed looking for contraband!!!! 8 in 10 chance of getting your illegal goodies INCLUDING FIREARMS
    into the NZ black market!!!!!

    Much easier & more politically correct ( Marxist/communist wise) to hit LAW ABIDING NZ firearm owners.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is NOT a coincidence that the same left wing marxist strategies are happening in the USA right now!!!!!! Are our leaders colluding together????

  3. Joe says:

    A 14 year old kid brought to me a replica of a German Luger able to fire .22 rounds he had made piece by piece in the engineering workshop at high school, he wanted to know how to get the barrel rifled! Taking guns off LFO’s will not make the slightest difference to those criminals who have a need for a gun.

  4. Stewart Hydes says:

    If you can print 3D titanium rocket engines .. then 3D printing a gun is a doddle.

    But I’m not sure why you’d bother .. when there are so many guns available on the black market (and now the grey market .. after rushed laws and botched so-called Gun Buybacks have alienated them).

    Gangs cached enough Firearms to make sure their requirements were covered many years ago. These guns are now worth a premium .. so are elevated to a worthwhile part of their illegal trading activities.

    Gangs have always traded in drugs and other such contraband .. but couldn’t really get the premium their illegal activity risk-taking requires, from Firearms. Now, the government has changed that .. and gifted them Firearms (that used to be legal but are now prohibited), to add to their business model.

    Numbers of gang members .. and numbers of incidents involving Firearms .. are both up markedly, since the Firearms Law changes.

    Evidence of successful legislation? .. yeah right!

    Firearms License Holders in New Zealand .. from whose ranks the likes of Charles Upham and Willie Apiata have come .. have been dealt a harsh and undemocratic blow, by our own government. It’s not the fact that law changes have been made .. it’s *HOW* they’ve been made (rushed through, without following our long-standing and hard-won democratic due process) .. that has Firearms Licence Holders feeling aggrieved, and alienated.

    We are – by definition and by mass assessment against the highest standard of being ‘fit and proper’ applied to civilians here in New Zealand. We have historically been a largely silent but nevertheless powerful group in our society .. 5% of the population, 10% of the vote, and – with our friends and Supporters) 20% of the community (lower in large, urban areas .. but much higher in the rural areas that cover over 95% of New Zealand’s overall geographic population spread). And now we’re feeling aggrieved and alienated.

    Our government had the opportunity to learn from Norway (who have set a gold standard for not rushing through Firearms Law Reforms .. following their democratic due process, taking their time to give everybody ample time to have proper democratic input). Sure, Norway took around 10 years to implement changes .. but these are important changes, for which buy-in is critical, to ensure compliance .. and they have suffered no repeat of their tragedy, in the meantime.

    Norway have a similar level of Firearms ownership to New Zealand (much higher than the UK and Australia, after whom we so often copy our legislation).

    Well done, Norwegian Government .. Shame on New Zealand.

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