Top New Hunting Book Hits the Bookshelves

Book Review

“Hunting Life”, subtitled “Moments of Truth” by Peter Ryan, published by Bateman Books, price $39.99, release date 12th July
Reviewed by Tony Orman
Peter Ryan has hunted over four continents, among them Africa and South America and many of his experiences were related in two earlier stylish books “Wild South” and “Hunting NZ”. He writes in a sensitive manner with a deep respect for the wild animals and birds he loves to hunt. There’s not the slightest suggestion of the crass “Gung-ho” style some hunting books indulge in. Peter Ryan is a wordsmith of the highest order.
His two earlier books were highly regarded and this one continues that high standard. A delightful enhancement to the author’s absorbing tales and excellent photography are excellent illustrations by several artists from around the world.
This is a top hunting book, which captures beyond the shot, the essence, intangibles and the greater experience of  “just being there”, with rifle or shotgun.
And a word of praise for Bateman Books’ quality production. All round, thanks to author, artists and publisher, this is a top hunting book destined for every keen hunter’s  bookshelf.
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