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Predators Are Mostly Essential to Healthy Ecosystems

Opinion by Tony Orman   A newspaper report in late January told of black-backed gulls behaving as predator to other native birds.So what? Predators in the New Zealand avian ecosystem are nothing new. The native falcon  (karearea) preys on small … Continue reading

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Charging New Zealanders to use National Parks.

The NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party has expressed deep concern at reports that the Minister of Conservation and the National Party are contemplating charging New Zealanders to walk or day trip into the public’s national parks.   “New Zealand is … Continue reading

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Public Distrust of Shane Jones as Fisheries Minister – Horizon Research

Recent polling by Horizon Research shows deep seated distrust in Shane Jones as Minister of Ocean and Fisheries. Fifty seven percent (2,298,000 adults) believe donations from commercial interests run a risk of influencing decisions made by Members of Parliament and … Continue reading

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Growing Public Opposition to DOC’s “Full of Lies” Aerial 1080 Poison

Special Report Comments from the public, among them scientists, on an outdoor recreation website about the Department of Conservation’s pro-1080 poison policy and programme indicate growing opposition to the department’s large poison drops currently taking place. Scientist Dr. Jo Pollard … Continue reading

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Experienced Outdoorsman Lays Blame for Kea Decline on DoC

An outdoorsman with a lifetime of experience of the outdoors including regular visits to Fiordland, has blamed the decline of the native kea on 1080 poison, spread over large areas of wilderness by the Department of Conservation for anti-predator campaigns … Continue reading

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An Outdoorsman Speaks On 1080 Poison

by Bill Johnson Editor’s note: Bill Johnson, a lifelong outdoorsman and opponent of 1080 penned a letter to the West Coast’s “Grey Star” in 2019. A reader has sent it to CORANZ asking for it to be published. I am … Continue reading

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