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Dig that Cicada Rhythm n Blues

It’s that time of year when the Cicada makes their circadian debut (yep pun intended) following a 17-year internment buried deep underground. Cicada give us a brilliant insight into the health (or not) of a particular ecosystem. With many different … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Under Threat from Today’s Politicians?

Opinion by Rupert Pye           In 2017 former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer wrote a startling blog post expressing concern about the state of democracy in New Zealand. It surely should have been headline news but it … Continue reading

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“Yes Minister” Hamstringing Fisheries Management and Deceiving Fisheries Ministers

Opinion by Tony Orman The Quota Management System for managing sea fisheries was introduced in 1986. The principle behind the QMS is commercial fishers own (or lease) the right to catch a certain proportion (quota) of the Total Allowable Catch … Continue reading

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Possum – Pest or Resource?

by Tony Orman Back in 1917, the Auckland Acclimatisation Society in it’s annual report  discussed possums saying “We shall be doing a great service to the country in stocking these large areas with this valuable and harmless animal.” How things changed … Continue reading

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Canterbury’s Water Story is Not a Happy one

by Dr Peter Trolove President NZ Federation Freshwater Anglers Introduction The following comments are the distillation of NZ media articles, relevant books and peer reviewed publications from New Zealand and North America, meeting attendances, attendance at Ecan water allocation hearings, … Continue reading

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The Conservation Legacy of USA’s John Muir

by Stephen Fox  1981  Perhaps the most legendary woodsman in American history, John Muir (1838 – 1914) was a Scottish-born naturalist, an eccentric nature lover who would set out for the wilderness for days on end with only tea, oatmeal, and … Continue reading

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Not Only in New Zealand

Reports are coming in of the demise of the last Golden Eagle in Wales. Killed most likely by poison, although it did have a couple of marks from shot as well although these had healed. A truly sad day for … Continue reading

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The Perch is a Valued Sporting Fish – not a Pest

Opinion by Tony Orman Currently  Fisheries NZ has a discussion document open for public submissions, in which it is proposed to list perch as a “pest fish” –  contrary to the current legal status of perch as a “sporting fish.” Over … Continue reading

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