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Is 1080 Harmful to Trout and Stream Ecology?

by Tony Orman A Federated Farmers and Forest and Bird Fact Sheet on 1080 poison said  “Trials in four West Coast streams using 10 times the number of 1080 baits that would be expected to enter streams during aerial treatment … Continue reading

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Almost the entire West Coast of South Island currently covered in deadly pesticides

By courtesy of Waikanae Watch from Ecocide Awareness NZ Almost the entire West Coast of  the South Island is currently covered in deadly pesticides — mainly 1080, and also cyanide and others poisons, aerial and distributed by hand. From Kohaihai Bluff, North … Continue reading

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Toxic River Algae Early Summer a Shameful Situation

Opinion by Ben Hope It is not yet Christmas – yet already toxic algae has appeared in North Canterbury Rivers such as the Waiau.  The Canterbury District Health Board has issued a health warning. It is not the first water … Continue reading

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Sea Fisheries QMS Needs Urgent Review and Overhaul

Opinion by Tony Orman The Quota Management System that has been governed New Zealand sea fisheries “management” for over 30 years has been corrupted, is counter-productive and needs replacing. Thirty four years ago as president of the NZ Recreational Fishing … Continue reading

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Coromandel Scallop Beds in Precarious Situation.

Press release by Legasea Coromandel residents are concerned about the noticeable decline of scallop numbers on the eastern side of the Peninsula. This is likely due to years of unconstrained harvest and destructive dredging, which decimates scallops and crabs, crustaceans, other … Continue reading

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New MP Raps Parliament for Attacking Law-abiding Firearm-owning Citizens

by John McNab ACT MP Nicole McKee in her maiden speech to Parliament  slammed the Government’s gun control laws following the “Ides of March” mosque massacre last year. In her speech, Nicole McKee thanked the firearms community, especially member groups … Continue reading

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Official Information Act requests

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What are Governments Doing to Our Environment?

by Tony Orman A couple of years ago, I visited the MacKenzie country in central South Island. Two observations left an indelible impression. Accompanied by my labrador, I went for a climb up into a beech gully that looked likely … Continue reading

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Heritage of Outdoor Access Under Threat

Opinion by Andi Cockcroft New Zealand was founded by people who had deliberately abandoned a feudal society built on privilege by dint of wealth for an egalitarian one where there was equal social opportunity for all, regardless of wealth, ethnic background … Continue reading

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Superb Book on Birds- Many Being Riverside

Book Review “Drawn to the Wild” by Nicolas Dillon. Published by Potton and Burton, price $59.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman Whether one tramps, fishes or hunts, an intangible reward is observing nature and that often involves birds whether it be … Continue reading

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Should There be Concern About 1080 Affecting Trout?

Opinion by Ben Hope Does 1080 have any adverse impact on trout? To try to answer that, it’s necessary to look at 1080 and its properties.  Firstly 1080 was was originally patented in 1927 as an insecticide. Insects have a … Continue reading

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The failure of Police to follow the firearm licensing law, unjustly providing one to Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant, means there are no reasons for changes to firearm laws says the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO). COLFO Chairman Michael Dowling … Continue reading

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Commission Findings on Mosque Massacre Contradict

Opinion by John McNab The long awaited 792-page report by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack at a Christchurch mosque on March 15, 2019 have been finally released. But it didn’t make sense to me. relating to … Continue reading

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Ruined Rivers a National Disgrace

Opinion by Ken Sims, Life member NZ Federation Freshwater Anglers. The recently published article showing 65 percent of our rivers are “unswimmable” in a country of just 5 million people, should remind government that that the continuing state of New … Continue reading

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More on the Failed QMS Fisheries “System”

by Mark Feldman Printed by courtesy “NZ Fishing News” The previous article I listed a few of the initial defects of the QMS. Now I’ll look at some examples of how the system has failed us since it’s inception and … Continue reading

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Stunning Coast Photography in Book

Book Review:- “Newq Zealand Coastlines” by Darryl and Gillan Torckler, published by Bateman Books. Price $29,99. Review by Tony Orman Photographer Darryl Torckler is an international award winning photographer with over 100 awards to his credit. He and his wife … Continue reading

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Retire Scallop Dredges

Legasea press release In September the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council endorsed a policy encouraging recreational fishers to retire their scallop dredges. At a time when the community is increasingly concerned about the deteriorating state of our marine environment, it’s … Continue reading

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NZ’s Fisheries – the QMS – 34 Years of Failure

by Mark Feldman This article was published in the November 2020 issue of “NZ Fishing News”. It is published with the kind permission of “NZ Fishing News” and long time fisheries advocate Mark Feldman   A couple of months ago … Continue reading

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NZ Gripped by Pricey Pest Phobia

Opinion by Ben Hope In 1958 an American professor of zoology visited New Zealand. Dr William Graf from San Jose university in California came to study the wild deer situation on behalf of Hawaiian Board of Agriculture which was considering … Continue reading

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