Stunning Coast Photography in Book

Book Review:- “Newq Zealand Coastlines” by Darryl and Gillan Torckler, published by Bateman Books. Price $29,99. Review by Tony Orman

Photographer Darryl Torckler is an international award winning photographer with over 100 awards to his credit. He and his wife Gillan who writes the accompanying text, have combined talents in assembling some stunning photographs of New Zealand’s coastline. The photographs range from Cape Reinga to Fiordland and Stewart Island. A feature is the innovative angles that Darryl achieves while with judicious timing selection, he selects just the right light to fully enhance the “shot.”  As a very amateur photographer, I would’ve been eager to read a page or two on his equipment and techniques. But that’s just a personal thing and for most, the book is a winner. Ideal as a Christmas-New Year gift and/or coffee table book sure to delight – and at a very affordable price.

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