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Pine Forests Monocultures are Out of Control

Press Release CORANZ 16 February, 2023  Monocultures of pines are a disaster for the environment and people says the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand (CORANZ). The comment comes in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle with a Radio … Continue reading

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Bryce Edwards: Chris Hipkins hires a lobbyist to run the Beehive

February 2, 2023 New Zealand is the second least corrupt country on earth according to the latest Corruption Perception Index published yesterday by Transparency International. But how much does this reflect reality? The problem with being continually feted for world-leading … Continue reading

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Exotic Carbon Credit Pine Forests Destroy Kiwi ‘Way Of Life’ Including Public’s Outdoor Access

Opinion by Alan Simmons. President of NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party. Commercial forestry and “carbon farming” is resulting in New Zealanders losing their traditional access to outdoor recreation. The locals who previously accessed that land for hunting and fishing or … Continue reading

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A “must have” Book for Most New Zealanders

Secrets of the Sea by Robert Vennell, published by Harper Collins. Price $55. Reviewed by Tony Orman This book, an introduction to New Zealand’s fish and shellfish, is a “must” for the keen saltwater angler and “boatie”. The author  – … Continue reading

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Election Issue – Governments Move to Disarm the Law Abiding Public

Opinion by Paul Revere  One wonders why people in governments are so keen to disarm the responsible. law abiding citizens? They must know that this will not prevent violent criminals from owning and using guns and other offensive weapons to commit … Continue reading

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Police Double-dipping with Firearm Fee Proposals

Press release – Council of Licensed Firearm Owners Following last week’s revelation that firearm owners would be charged for burglary callouts under new Police fees, the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) has now revealed that the proposed extraordinary fee … Continue reading

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Cabinet Reshuffle Backward Step for Environment and Outdoors

Press release CORANZ The government’s reshuffling of ministers is a retrograde step for the environment, conservation and outdoors says the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand (CORANZ). CORANZ chairman Andi Cockroft described the cabinet reshuffle announced by new … Continue reading

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Stop Blaming Lawful Firearm Owners

Opinion by Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand Inc. Confusing the misuse of firearms held by licensed firearm owners with misuse by those holding firearms unlawfully is a common error – an error routinely made around the world by … Continue reading

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Press Release Sporting Shooters’ Association of New Zealand. “Creating a massive empire with hundreds of new staff is not the answer to solving the woes of the police Firearm Safety Authority” says Neville Dodd the president of the Sporting Shooters … Continue reading

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Proposed Police Regulations Breach the Arms Act

Sub-title:- The new Police Minister has been called on to prevent Police breaching a critical clause of the Arms Act. 2 February 2023 Media release The new Police Minister has been called on to prevent Police breaching a critical clause of … Continue reading

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