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Ecosystem Poison 1080 Should be Banned – Hunting Author

by Tony Orman The author of a new hunting book “Straight Arrows and Fast Bullets” says 1080 poison, used to kill rats and possums, should be banned. Author Peter Hill says in his many years experience of the North Island … Continue reading

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COLFO Worried Police have Misinformed Another Minister

The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) says the new Police Minister, Chris Hipkins, should ask the Police for evidence on how gangs are obtaining firearms. Research previously released by COLFO from Police intelligence reports shows Police have no idea … Continue reading

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Don’t trust MPI with New Powers say Marine Environmentalists

From “Business Desk”, article by Jem Traylen, 11 July, 2022 Proposed reforms to streamline fisheries decision-making should be dumped as the government can’t be trusted to use them responsibly, says a coalition of environmental groups. The Deepsea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) … Continue reading

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Police Firearms Meddling is a Muddle – Sporting Shooters Assn.,

Police handling of firearms issues has been slammed by  Neville Dodd president of the Sporting Shooters Association of NZ.  His comment was in response to Auckland Police Superintendent Malthus saying that, “Keeping firearms owners safe is a key focus for … Continue reading

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Sporting Shooters Angry at Stolen Police Firearm Details

It was revealed in the Herald 22 June that the documents stolen from the abandoned Central Auckland Police Station covered the years from 2003 to 2018, a much longer period than first announced by Police. The report in the … Continue reading

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Police Negligence Endangers 67,000 people and their property – COLFO

COLFO press release Confirmation today that a register of firearm owners stolen from Auckland Police station covers 2003-2018, means over 67,000 firearm owners and their private addresses may have been in the hands of criminals says   the Council of … Continue reading

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Top Backcountry Trails books

Book Review: “Stories from Our Back Roads” by Ray Stone. Two volumes at $49.99 each, i.e. North Island and South Island. Reviewed by Tony Orman Here’s a twin set of terrific books on driving back country roads and 4WD tracks. … Continue reading

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New Fisheries Bill Removes Public’s Voice

Press release from Legasea At the moment there is a Fisheries Amendment Bill before Parliament that will severely reduce public participation in the way fisheries are managed in New Zealand. This means that when commercial and recreational catch limits are … Continue reading

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Twenty- three Gang Shoot-ups in Fortnight in Auckland

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Burglary from Police station Jeopardises Lives – COLFO

Media Release COLFO The burglary of firearms owner’s details from the old Auckland police station is confirmation that Police cannot administer the Arms Act for the safety of New Zealand citizens, says the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (COLFO). COLFO … Continue reading

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Wild Animals are Not Pests but a Resource to be Managed

Opinion by Tony Orman There should be no no place for the words ‘pest’ or ‘control’ in any discussion on wild animals.” So I wrote in my book “About Deer and Deerstalking” published in 2002. ”Instead the words ‘pest’ and … Continue reading

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Why New Zealand’s Policy of Killing Animals Harms Children

by Marc Bekoff Ph.D. Primary school curricula there emphasise killing over compassion. June 3, 2022 –  “Psychology Today” US.  “Ample research backs up the finding that there is a direct link between acts of cruelty to animals and violence toward humans. This … Continue reading

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CAFCA – Who Really Owns New Zealand?

Release by Campaign Against Foreign Investment in Aotearoa Below is the executive summary of Ed Miller’s exhaustive and much appreciated work on updating CAFCA’s annual Key Facts. The full details (both in text and graphs – Powerpoint and PDF) are … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why Mass Shooters Kill

By Stephen Baskerville in “American Thinker” June 2, 2022 (Abridged) Tucker Carlson almost said it.  He went right up to the edge and then drew back.  He wheeled the cannon on stage, but he did not fire it. Carlson almost blurted out the most … Continue reading

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A Book on Escaping to the Hills from the Rat Race and Solo

Book Review “Solo” sub-titled “Back Country adventuring in Aotearoa New Zealand” by Hazel Phillips. Published by Massey University Press. Price $39.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman Being alone in the hills is not necessarily lonely. Often it’s an escape from the … Continue reading

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National Party Calls For Firearm Prohibition Orders

Five years after calling for greater powers to seize guns, Police are being hamstrung in their efforts to combat gangs because of Labour’s inaction, National’s Police spokesperson Mark Mitchell says.   “Police Minister Poto Williams needs to front up and … Continue reading

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National Geographic Calls for Halt to Salmon Farming in Key Chilean Region

Special report The Kawésqar National Park extends over 2.8 million hectares, making it the second-largest park in Chile. However, the coastal areas in the park are considered a national reserve, a category that has less protection than a park. The reserve is … Continue reading

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A Gun Register Won’t Stop Gang Shootings

Sporting Shooters’ Assn., Media Release Following the latest horrendous Texas school shooting our Prime Minister is receiving accolades while visiting the US for her decisive action to ban semi-automatics following our own March 2019 Christchurch massacre.  Meanwhile back here in New Zealand our … Continue reading

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NZ Police Pay $13m to Australian Company for Unhelpful Software

Media Release The NZ Police are reported to be paying $13m to an Australian software company to develop a firearm register that will make not a single New Zealander safer.   Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (COLFO) Chairperson Michael Dowling says … Continue reading

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Former Gang Member Billy McFarlane Rubbishes the Claimed success of Government’s 2019 Gun Grab

From “Waikanae Watch” On May 25, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appeared on  Stephen Colbert’s TV late night show in New York crowing about the success of her gun “buy-back” in 2019. But she didn’t buy them back — she … Continue reading

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