Often Mysterious Lives of Sea Birds Explained

Book Review: New Zealand Seabirds – A Natural History by Kerry-Jayne Wilson. Published by Potton and Burton. Price $49.99. Reviewed by Tony Orman

New Zealand has an impressive number of sea birds around our coastline, reputedly having more in numbers than virtually anywhere else in the world.
Ornithologist Kerry-Jane Wilson has racked up many years in researching seabirds. A senior lecturer in ecology and conservation at LIncoln University she has spent over 45 years studying marine and coastal birds, both in New Zealand and overseas. She is the author of four books. 
In clear fashion she writes of the birds and their often extraordinary lives, their niches in the ecosystem and their often amazing ways. For example the migration patterns of shearwaters  are quite incredible. Photographs are of a high standard and often striking. The text is both informative and absorbing.
This book should have wide appeal especially for boaties, sea anglers, beach-combers, bach owners and anyone with interested in coastal wildlife. Potton and Burton have done a very impressive competent production – again!

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