Birds Make You as Happy as Money – German Study

What’s better: a backyard full of birds or a pay raise?  When it comes to happiness, a new study suggests the richness of bird species holds more value. While it’s no secret that being rich takes much of the pressure … Continue reading

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Fish Deaths from Lethal Spray in Canterbury

An estimated 600 to 1000 fish died as a result of a lethal spray being tipped into a Canterbury waterway, including common bullies, native kōkopu, brown trout, and koura or freshwater crayfish says an article in “The Press”. A year ago … Continue reading

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New Book on Fiordland Helicopter-Deer Days is a Great Read

by Tony Orman Dave Richardson of Marlborough has just written a mammoth book – 450 pages in all – about his hunting life that features accounts of his years hunting deer in Fiordland. It’s a great read about a man, … Continue reading

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Marlborough Anglers Want Depleted Kahawai “Recreational Only”

The Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association has written to government expressing deep concern about heavy depletion of kahawai along Marlborough’s coastline. In a letter to the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries David Parker, the association has called for kahawai to be … Continue reading

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Flawed Fisheries QMS – a Twice Broken Election Promise

Opinion by Tony Orman The controversial Quota Management System (QMS) will not be abandoned according to an informed source, despite the Labour Party in its 2017 election campaign saying it would conduct an independent review of it. New Minister of … Continue reading

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Why are we subsidising harm?

Guest opinion by Dr Mike Joy The school strikes for the climate are not a fad and they’re not going away. They should be a wake-up. The kids are telling us they have had enough, that we “grown-ups” aren’t grown-up … Continue reading

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Reprinted From 20 Years Ago – 2001

The more things change, the more they stay the same Press Release: New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers, (Inc.) February 2001 The Case Against the Importation of Trout Flesh into New Zealand Index:Introduction Issues of Sovereignty Issues of Biosecurity Issues … Continue reading

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Government Needs to Come Clean on Foreign Buy-ups of NZ

The current government needs to instigate far stricter controls on foreigners buying up New Zealand’s countryside says the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations as well as keeping the New Zealand public informed of the extent of outsiders buying up the … Continue reading

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Former Environment Minister Nick Smith Gets Caned Over Democracy

by Ben Hope Former Environment Minister and National MP Nick Smith has been caned for hypocrisy after he wrote a newspaper column bemoaning the erosion of democracy. In the column he said that the “values of democracy and freedom are … Continue reading

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Book Review of Treaty of Waitangi book

“The Treaty – Basic Facts” by Mike Butler, published by Tross Publishing, Wellington. Price $25. Available in most book shops or through the website <> reviewed by Tony Orman The Treaty of Waitangi is currently the subject of much discussion … Continue reading

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Public Rights of Passage

Public rights of passage Public access to public land These are the things we’re concerned about Where we make our stand For when our early settlers Founded our country free They did it with clear intention Some things would surely … Continue reading

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Farmlands at High risk from Pesticides.

Source:- Daily Mail (Australia) Nearly a third of the farmland around the world is at high risk of pesticide pollution, according to a new report. Scientists in Australia examined how nearly 100 agricultural chemicals were used across 168 countries, to … Continue reading

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Christchurch Terrorist Attack’s Second anniversary – New Zealand No Safer Despite Undemocratic, Draconian New Gun Laws

An Opinion by Stewart Hydes Recently, the Secretary of SSANZ (Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand) sent out an email to members as follows:   Dear SSANZ members, On the second anniversary of the Christchurch terrorist attack New Zealand is … Continue reading

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Police Slowness Hampers Hunters for Traditional “Roar” – NZDA

Press Release The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association says the backlog in Police’s processing of new and renewing firearms licences will mean that many New Zealanders will, again, miss out on hunting during the deer roar this March and April. NZDA … Continue reading

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NZ says to Australia – Don’t Use 1080

Special report Victoria’s National Parks are being closed off to allow fallow deer to be bombarded with 1080 poison. The proposal has drawn strong criticism from the Australian hunting public and also New Zealand’s Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust. Laurie Collins, … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Dreaded Disease Afflict you!

Opinion by Ben Hope There’s a disease far worse than Covid19 that can afflict anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is called apathy. My Heinemann’s New Zealand dictionary defines it as “a lack of interest or energy.” The Collins English dictionary describes … Continue reading

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Doc Kills Native Vegetation with Herbicide

How did two weed control operations on public conservation land go so wrong? David Williams of Newsroom reports The effects of the herbicide spraying becomes obvious just past the old, corrugated-iron musterers’ hut, with its tack shed and veranda. Scattered among … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Opinion by Tony Orman Nineteenth century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said “There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.”  Studies are meant to foster informed decision-making, sound judgments and actions based on evidence, not … Continue reading

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Dig that Cicada Rhythm n Blues

It’s that time of year when the Cicada makes their circadian debut (yep pun intended) following a 17-year internment buried deep underground. Cicada give us a brilliant insight into the health (or not) of a particular ecosystem. With many different … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Under Threat from Today’s Politicians?

Opinion by Rupert Pye           In 2017 former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer wrote a startling blog post expressing concern about the state of democracy in New Zealand. It surely should have been headline news but it … Continue reading

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