NZ Outdoors Party

CORANZ is firmly apolitical in its dealings with the various parties. We do monitor their press releases however, and one in particular from the Outdoors Party caught our attention.

We pass no comment on this, but reflect in precis form what they have stated:

The New Zealand Outdoors Party sees an opportunity when New Zealand comes out of “Lock Down”. 

“We believe there is a golden lining for the Outdoors Party in this pandemic, said the two co-leaders Sue Grey and Alan Simmons and new executive director David Moffett in a combined statement.

Never had the word ‘outdoors’ been used so much when the media talked about what people could legally do to ensure health of body, spirit and mind the press release said.
“In addition, people are starting to realise that what we have been saying about self-sufficiency and sustainable farming practices has never been more apt than it is right now”.

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