Poisoning Paradise – New Zealand

Our ongoing run up toward election day, we feature yet more of the series of short videos produced by The Graf Boys.

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10 Responses to Poisoning Paradise – New Zealand

  1. Frank Henry says:

    Have the politicians, DOC and OSPRI no conscience? Cruelty is shocking.
    So is misuse of public’s money.
    Forest and Bird’s Hackwell’s salt and vinegar chips theory is absurd. Why do Forest and Bird attract so much media attention. They’re nuts.
    Besides there’s no justification for 1080. DOC’s “scientific” support is paid, commissioned science – a scientific appraisal of the “science” by eminent scientists the Whiting-O’Keefes showed that (google ‘Whiting-O’Keefe 1080’), OSPRI has no case against possums over TB (Nathan Guy 2016 admitted that in Parliament – 9830 possums
    autopsied-none (zero) had TB). The bureaucracies (DOC/OSPRI) have built up a false dishonest case that attracts vote allocation money from naive politicians). A corrupt greed-driven money-go-round.

  2. Peter D. Trolove says:

    Any adolescent Coaster can see through the 1080 propaganda

    Tik 2006- 2019

  3. Rex Gibson says:

    How can “Greenies”, DoC, Forest and Bird, etc, who all claim to understand ecological dynamics still justify 1080 especially so close to people and endangered wildlife that use as “poster species” for their existence.
    Tim Neville

  4. Les Kelly says:

    I may not have all the answers but after 13 years of trying to get our collective heads around the incredible insanity of 1080 and DoC’s/Ospri’s continued and increasing usage I wrote DUPED! ‘The True Story Behind Predator Free New Zealand’ You can obtain a copy by ordering through predatorfreenz@gmail.com ~ price $25 plus $5.90 postage or ask at your local library and if they haven’t got it they will get a copy in for you and maybe we can show you the duplicity and criminality of the Department of Conservation and complicity of Forest & Bird and perhaps throw some light on this disgraceful trampling of our democracy. Each book sold allows us to print two more.

  5. Dave Richardson says:

    Well this has been the norm since 1958 when 1080 was first used. As bushmen we saw this and reported on it but nothing was done. All I can say is that our politicians are very slow learners and don’t listen to those who know better. I am only glad that we don’t have this sort of leadership in war time as we would all die. What annoys me is there is no investigation and knowledge of the area to be poisoned so there must be an ulterior motive. I looked into this and find to my surprise that this is the case. No one can tell me that this action of 1080 is for the betterment of the birds. The idea is to get rid of the deer or any meat that can be harvested out of the bush. It is all control!

  6. Firstly & above all we must take on board as a Nation ? NZ is very heavy handed with all Ag & Hort Chemicals & Poison ! That’s why our water quality is out the window of late ? So 1080 is no exception , with overuse with Air Drops on the Bush Canopy a lot of toxic bait must end up in Birds Nest !! facing upwards ? left high & dry & not breaking down on the damp forest floor ! So when Birds return to their same nest each season they have some 1080 served to them ? ////// As far as Possum Control goes these days ? as the World has Changed with Covid 19 & NZ needs a new Income?& make some jobs, I’m convinced the meat should be exported to Asia & what better use for Pests than to find someone to EAT them? esp when you see the amount of Possum bodies dumped after the Fur has been removed . //// Also this might help save the Red Tree Panda ? as they have just about eaten them out in the Wild ? this is where our Possum meat comes in ! >>> NZ TREE PANDA , also some of them are actually RED as we know , the income from Asia Possum Meat Export could be returned back to NZ & used for STOAT Control finance to save our Native Birds ? with an ” INSENTIVE PAYMENT” the pay goes UP as Stoat Numbers DROP to keep the Trapper / Hunters KEEN ! this modern method of Pest Control is NOT to be Confused with the FAILED 1950s Bounty Farm Scams ! Please note I’m nearly 75 ! and have worked in fulltime in Pest Destruction most of my life, and reckon this is the only way to go right now .? I B.S. you not , Thanks from Graham John Elwell .

  7. Lewis Hore says:

    Got to agree with Graham possum meat marketed well could bring in lots of off shore money. Possum meat has the highest concentrations of omega 3 of any meat other than fish, I’ve eaten heaps of possum meat not old bucks or does they leave a bit to be desired but are great dog tucker, the young ones are extremely tasty in fact I dished up a heap of BBQ ed possum legs at a party and not one was left. I’ve always said that as numbers got less increase the incentives as numbers decreased, if you got a couple of hundred $ for a stoat every man and his dog would be chasing them. A few years ago Landcare were paying $150 dollars for live ones, I made a few bob out of them.

    • Your on the Case Lewis with the Possum Meat. /// Re Stoats ? they are in the same family as Otters & can swim ! helping them cross Lakes & Rivers Etc. to reap havoc with our Native Birds ! An Incentive Payment was used Overseas by the British MAF now called DEFRA on the Coypu ? a large S. American Rodent introduced for the fur Trade, Coypu got away wiping out Wild fowl & blocking waterways (bit like a Beaver ), anyway they more or less have got rid of them using that method ,think they had mega $ Bucks ( Quids ) on the last few. //// Going back t0 our problem with the Possum ! can anybody speak Manderin ? with this Free Trade agreement NZ has with China ? we should export Possum Meat from our TB Free areas for a starter .

  8. PS YES ! Possum meat is great dog tucker & puts a real shine on their coat ! as you may know always whack the claws off before feeding Dogs .

  9. Harriet Woodrow says:

    This should be broadcast on TV and wake up some of the duped public.
    NZ’s great shame! I don’t see how anyone rationally could condone 1080 after watching this sad and painful indictment.

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