Rangitoto Range 1080 Poison Drop – deer repellent not effective

Still continuing our run up toward election day, we feature yet more of the series of short videos produced by The Graf Boys.

© The Graf Boys

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5 Responses to Rangitoto Range 1080 Poison Drop – deer repellent not effective

  1. Charles Henry says:

    So, according to the video, on their walkabout, the boys found:
    5 deer
    — 1 fawn
    — 1 yearling
    — 1 hind
    — 1 spiker
    — 1 stag
    2 young pigs
    1 young goat
    3 blackbirds
    5 possums
    1 rat
    0 stoats
    AND No tomtits or robins were seen or heard

    So for every possum they got with 1080, they got a deer. Plus some other by-kill.

    3 Blackbirds, and an eerie silence of tomtits and robins

    The “Silent Forest” courtesy of DOC and TBFree

    Dont forget this is 1080 with deer repellent – I feel a Tui Ad coming on

  2. Charles Henry says:

    Found that Tui Ad

  3. Lewis Hore says:

    After a local 4,000 hectare drop 18 dead deer were found, 16 tomtits 4 brown creeper 1 grey warbler plus a couple of blackbirds and four dead eels. No dead possums!! Southern Pest managment challenged us on the dead deer and wanted to see them we obliged and a rep turned up to witness what we claimed, he didn’t go away with a smiley face, as well as the deer we showed him he saw two more tomtits and two brown creeper. The birds were offered to the DoC for autopsy but they declined saying ” we only have funding for one autopsy a year “

  4. Cooper says:

    This is so discussing yous know anmails been here way before us people disgrace to NZ.

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