What DOC doesn’t want you to know about 1080 Poison

From 6 years ago, but sadly DOC has learned nothing in those intervening years. Under Sage and the Green Party, they’ve doubled-down to the point Kea are rapidly heading for exinction.

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2 Responses to What DOC doesn’t want you to know about 1080 Poison

  1. Lewis Hore says:

    And the Kea Conservation Trust support the use of 1080 100% instead saying car wheel weights lead head nails and lead flashing is killing them. Tamsin Orr Walker and her Trust freinds surely can’t be as stupid to believe 1080 is saving them.

    • Dave Rhodes says:

      With the increasing decline of Kea, and the total lack of outcry by the Kea Conservation Trust when half of tagged Kea are killed in a 1080 drop, it’s simplicity itself to understand how.
      As always, Follow the Money

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