Canadian States Refuse to Back Trudeau’s “Gun Buy-back” Scheme

– special report

A few days ago, Canada’s Saskatchewan provincial government announced it would not support the Canadian government ‘s buy-back firearms scheme.

“The Saskatchewan government fully supports anti-crime initiatives,” said Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Christine Tell, “that truly focus on the issues related to the criminal use of illegal firearms, preventing and combating gang violence and addresses the issue of illegal or smuggled guns in our province.” 

“We do not and will not support initiatives that only impact the law abiding, Royal Canadian Mounted Police vetted, hunters, sports shooters, ranchers, farmers and others who use firearms for lawful and good reasons.”

Earlier the province of Alberta made a similar stand telling the Trudeau-led government that Royal Canadian Mounted Police  personnel and resources will not be removed from the very real job of protecting and defending the public safety “in order to pander to the Liberal government’s useless virtue-signalling agenda.”

Sources say the province of Ontario is likely to take a similar stand thus defying President Trudeau’s agenda.

In Canada, provincial governments are pushing back against the Federal Governments attempt to confiscate private legally owned property in the form of certain types of firearm.

Phil Cregeen, spokesman for Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand said the situation following the 2019 Mosque shooting resulted in rushed, poor law. 

“Sadly in the emotionally charged atmosphere following the Christchurch mosque attack all of New Zealand MPs, bar one Act member, chose to support Jacinda Ardern’s rushed and ill considered confiscation of all classes semi automatic hunting rifles under the false premise that it would make New Zealand safer,” he said “Recent events clearly demonstrate that despite all the new laws  controlling the lawful ownership of firearms New Zealand public safety has not been improved.”

Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust spokesman Laurie Collins of West Coast agreed and said since New Zealand hurriedly passed the “gun buy-back” scheme into law following the 2019 Mosque massacre by an Australian gunman Brenton Tarrant,, there had been a spate of shootings by gangs in the Auckland area.

“It was an abysmal failure due to incompetence. It didn’t work, nor will the firearm registration now proposed in New Zealand,” he said. “The gun buy-back scene here achieved nothing except penalise 250,000 law abiding firearm owners.”

Canada should be studying the New Zealand government’s failures with buy-backs and firearm ownership.

Laurie Collins said it should be revealed how the Mosque gunman, an Australian reportedly under surveillance, was granted by NZ Police, a New Zealand firearm licence.

There has been widespread criticism of how and why Tarrant was granted a firearm licence despite glaring deficiencies in his application.

Canada’s PM  Justin Trudeau — wants “gun buy-back” but Provinces are saying “No!”

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6 Responses to Canadian States Refuse to Back Trudeau’s “Gun Buy-back” Scheme

  1. J Mooney says:

    Top comments by Sporting Shooters Assn NZ and Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust. I heartily endorse them. I have a question, where is Brenton Tarrant now? In prison in NZ or Australia.

  2. J B Smith says:

    Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau are “peas in a pod” obviously on the same agenda.
    Criminals and gangs won’t be bothered by firearm registration or “gun buy-back” schemes. They get their firearms illegally and in any case, they won’t have a firearms licence in 99% of cases. Meanwhile law respecting firearm owners get targeted.

  3. Pete Watson says:

    I came on here to comment how its funny the same confiscate the guns agenda is being run in different countries by leaders that attended the same WEF doctrination college. ( easily proven if there are skeptics ) Trudeau, Adern Macron etc Then I saw J Mooneys comment
    Couldnt agree more and I have been saying the same for a while now. Just where is Tarrant and why have we not had the biggest murder trial NZ has ever seen. Investigations were wrapped up at the scene of the crime in an amazing record time, so why no trial?
    Discrepancies were in the CHCH and Australian Port Arthur shootings that lead to confiscations, but we are not allowed to discuss them.

  4. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    First step historically to totalitarian domination. Confiscate the public’s firearms by any means evan the softening buy backstealth.Ardern & cabal are the enemy of sporting shooters.


  5. Freedom Seeker says:

    As one of thousands of people with permits to hold rifles I feel the buy back of automatic firearms was very poor thinking.
    99 percent of Kiwis are law abiding sportsmen and women. You only need to check weekly television and they are interested in trophies or a good lean healthy meat for dinner and friends.

    Consultation with us would save lots and lots of money.
    Please target the real criminals, gangs with shotguns and pistols. Consider arming our police and I guarantee we will win the battle that is most needed.

  6. Lew says:

    NZ gun buy back total waste of time money and energy. There’s more gun crime than prior to buy back.

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