Cows & Endangered Birds Poisoned in Taranaki Aerial Drop

Although the election has been and gone, and we might have to wait a while to see if Maori are returned to Parliament or not, we continue the series of short videos produced by The Graf Boys.

Hopefully, with Labour able to govern alone, we might see a reduction in the rabid excesses of Green policies we have witnessed the past 3 years.

© The Graf Boys
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1 Response to Cows & Endangered Birds Poisoned in Taranaki Aerial Drop

  1. Tony Orman says:

    1080 is a shocker, yet brodifacoum is even worse as evidenced by the withholding period after poison use being 4 months for 1080 and 3 years, i.e. 36 months for brodifacoum.
    I once had a Food and Safety magazine that featured an article on brodifacoum but I mislaid it.
    I tried to get a copy (or photocopy) of that article by phoning Food and Safety and then the local Food and Safety officer. I came up against a brick wall of bureaucracy.
    No one could find it.
    C’mon, back copies of their past flagship publication would be in head office.
    Dishonesty is a polite word for the evasion.

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