Half a Million Apolitical Losers?

Opinion by Charlie Baycroft

People that hunt, fish and own firearms are being discriminated against and disadvantaged because they will not become politically active and involved in electing effective representatives to speak for them in their government.
Let us call these people “The Outdoors Community”.
The people in other groups or communities that are more politically active and successful tend to disapprove of hunting, fishing and firearms  and will continue to influence the people in government to be opposed to the outdoors community.
Who, in our government, effectively represents and supports the outdoors community and disagrees with government decisions that are detrimental to their wellbeing?
How many people are in this community?
There are about 250,000 owners of firearms (some of whom are not licensed)
There are about 300,000 Fish and Game license holders and other people that do not buy fishing or hunting licenses.
There are more people that might like to have firearms licenses, if the system was more fair and reasonable.
I think the  Outdoors Community has over 500,0000 members with no effective representation in our government.
That is about 20% of the people who voted in the last election with no-one to speak for them in their government.
Wheels that squeak tend to get greased and politically active and involved people tend to get government favours at the expense of the silent majority.
Squeak Needed
The members of the outdoors community of half a million citizens have to realise that they will not be fairly represented in their government unless they “squeak” and become politically active like those in other groups who would like to take what they enjoy away from them.
As the people in Fish and Game have finally understood, the opportunity and ability to enjoy our outdoor pursuits (hunting, fishing and shooting) are being lost because the people in the outdoors community are not protecting them.
Being APOLITICAL was fine in the past when elected politicians and bureaucrats tried to treat all citizens equally but that does not happen any more.
Our system is now about IDENTITY POLITICS and competition between different “communities” to gain unequal privileges, opportunities, public money and other advantages at the expense of others by being more politically active and influential.
Meanwhile, the people of the outdoors community seem to sit on their hands and complain about what is their own fault for not being politically active and well represented in their government.
Remaining silent, passive and APOLITICAL will be extremely detrimental to the interests of the people in the outdoor community because they will continue to be the losers in the political competition between opposing groups or communities.
Alternatively if the members of this Outdoors Community can unite and be seen as a massive source of votes for ambitious politicians their political influence would be able to prevent the loss of the healthy outdoor recreational pursuits that they so enjoy.

What will it be –  Apolitical Apathetic Losers or Effective Politically Active Winners?

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4 Responses to Half a Million Apolitical Losers?

  1. Tony Orman says:

    A Greek Philosopher (born 428/427 BC, Athens, Greece—died 348/347 BC) said it all –

  2. Paul Peychers says:

    The truth from Charlie hurts. However I have a lot of faith in ACT to turn things around. They are not afraid to tell the truth & identify better ways of management. We in the firearms community must support them in October. That’s our best bet in 2023.

    • Charlie Baycroft says:

      I agree. I have joined ACT, donated money and am becoming more involved in the party affairs and campaign efforts.
      Meeting more of the MPS and other people is very encouraging.
      I even wonder how such good people ended up in politics.
      More members of our outdoor community need to understand that supporting ACT requires doing what we can to be involved in the party and help with the decision making and campaign efforts.
      In short out large community of decent ordinary citizens needs lots of ACTIVISTS who walk what they talk.
      Our appreciation of nature and enjoyment of hunting, fishing and shooting binds us all together in spite of our other differences.
      Individually we might not be able to do much but together we can achieve whatever we desire.

  3. Tony Orman says:

    It’s time the hunting and fishing public got political and remember “politics is nothing more than cause and effect”. The threats come from political sources be it departments and ministries or from government itself. Government policies are spawned at branch level of the political party by way of remits to conferences and then to the political wing itself.
    So what Charlie Baycroft says is so correct. Get “involved in the party and help with the decision making –“..

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