High Court Decision Embarrasses Government

A High Court decision today on a case taken by the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) is an “intensely awkward and embarrassing moment for the Government”.
The Court found that the Minister of Police had acted against property rights when he banned some classes of commonly held ammunition without compensation, but that it was legal because Parliament endorsed this decision by passing legislation to do so. 
“This Government claims to be fair and honest, but has been found to have acted against the right of every New Zealander to compensation for their property, citing reasons that are not true,” said COLFO chairman Michael Dowling.
Acted Unjustly
The High Court found the Minister of Police acted unjustly and without good reason when he deprived thousands of New Zealanders of their lawfully purchased property without compensation.
The judgement said it was not true that the ammunition was particularly dangerous, and not true that it must be removed following the Christchurch shooting to make people safer. 
“This is damaging for a government that claims to be honest and transparent,” said Michael Dowling.
Come September
Michael Dowling. “While the judge was unable to over-rule the Minister’s reclassification, voters can.”
“Parliament has destroyed property rights. The power is now in the hands of the people. Come September, it is essential to vote for a Government that protects the rights of citizens to their property,” he said.

© Michael Dowling – “power now in hands of people at election time”

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