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Book Review: “Where Is it? – a Wildlife Hunt for Kiwi Kids” by Ned Barraud, published by Potton and Burton, price $19.99

Ned Barraud — author and illustrator — has done a great job in this book which depicts the variety of wildlife in several environments such as the forest, beach, estuary, wetland and others.
Detailed illustrations with each creature in a column on the right hand page lends itself to children trying to locate individual species on the big picture of the environment. Even adults although conversant with the outdoors, will learn of new creatures in each habitat’s ecosystem. Following the illustrations is a glossary at the end which gives basic information about each creature. 
Books like this are of great value as with urbanisation, children are tending to lose any understanding, knowledge and empathy with the world outside city boundaries.
A charming informative book which every youngster should have.

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