Lawful Firearm Public Wrongly Blamed – New Conservatives

New Conservative Firearms Spokesperson Victoria O’Brien has called on government to stop blaming the law abiding public over the ownership of firearms issue.
Today’s article in Stuff, reporting on the failures by NZ Police in giving Tarrant his NZ firearms licence, is a clarion call to Parliament to stop blaming NZ licensed firearms owners for government agency mistakes she said. 
“Over a year has gone by and only now, are sources within the NZ Police willing to speak up about the travesty that has occurred.”
Members of the firearms community sounded the alarm early on about problems in the police vetting process, especially where the granting of a firearm licence to Tarrant was concerned. 
“These were all ignored in favour of persecuting innocent New Zealanders, rushing through extremely flawed legislation and disregarding proper democratic lawmaking in the process,” said Victoria O’Brien. “This has been a most cynical exercise in political scapegoating by police bureaucrats, the police association and the government.”
New Conservative was strongly committed to repealing any amendments to the Arms Act that have been enacted since last March. 
“We call on the Government to stop all further legislative changes to the Arms Act until after the Royal Commission of Inquiry is properly completed, and until after the election in September.”

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