Nicole McKee: Correction from Police Minister “Not Nearly Enough!”

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5 Responses to Nicole McKee: Correction from Police Minister “Not Nearly Enough!”

  1. Tony Orman says:

    Nicole McKee’s presence in parliament is so valuable. She acquits herself well and is a MP who understands outdoor issues and firearms. In line with my recent article on ‘influencing policy at the grass roots” she is terrific value, a role model for others to get into politics. Remember politics in any outdoor issue is simply “cause and effect.”

  2. Jack Tuahawaiki says:

    The Police Minister is out of her depth, woefully so. But then so was previous minister Stuart Nash. Is this a indication of the lack of ability within the Ardern government? Nicole McKee should be applauded for exposing the deceit and deception by the Minister and her police bureaucracy.

  3. Justice Will B. Dunn. says:

    Nicole is a real pistol, a good reason to seriously consider giving ACT your vote come 2023. She is doing a great job of holding Ministers to account.

  4. Stewart Hydes says:

    This government has promised so much .. and delivered so little.
    Unsurprisngly, under such circumstances, many of the beleageured Ministers operating under it have been found wanting.
    Our Prime Master of Theatrics (we used to call the role P.M. – but Ardern has turned into into the P.M.T.) can only hold the show together for so long.
    Poto Williams is on the run. The public have lost confidence in her. It’s time for her to go.
    The only question is .. does Mallard go before her .. after her .. or do they go together?
    Of course, Ardern will reject the premise of that question, won’t she …

  5. Ordinary Kiwi says:

    Have you ever asked yourself how people like Poto Williams become powerful in our government and WHO do they really represent?

    Sure, the people in various electorates voted f0r some of them but it was the influential, active members of the political parties who decided who the rest of the people could vote for.

    Voting only gives the illusion that the MPs are representing the majority of the people.

    You ought to ask yourselves who these influential political party members are and what they want the politicians they choose and support to do if elected or appointed as list MPs.

    In reality, they are representing the influential political party members who chose and supported them and do what these people want so that they can be chosen and supported again.

    Who are the influential members of the political parties who decide who the rest of us can vote for?

    If you want to know, you have to join National or Labour and attend the local electorate meetings.
    You will find that the 2 main political parties have very few paid up members and most of them are not actively involved in the affairs of the party.

    Small groups of 12 or less people attend the local electorate meetings and they decide who will represent the party and what policies and agendas will be pursued.

    Many of the influential people who make these decisions for the rest of us are older political activists of the 1970s and 80s who rebelled against the political, social and economic systems of those times and desired to destroy and replace them with systems of their own.

    These people joined and took over the main political parties in order to gain political power and force their culture and opinions on the rest of the people.

    Most of them believe that thy are somehow ENTITLED to tell and even force everyone else to obey them.
    They are Omnipotent Moral Busybodies who are predominately feminist, anti-white, anti-guns and totalitarian.

    They have achieved the cultural, social and economic Revolution they desired but want even more authority and power over the rest of the people and are determined to get it.

    The political celebrities in our current government are just doing what this small minority of active and influential party members selected them to do as THEIR REPRESENTATIVES.

    If we wish to change the culture and actions of our government we have to be properly represented in it by people like ourselves and the only way to achieve this is for more people to join and become active and influential members of the 2 main political parties.

    If you disapprove of the National or Labour Party you can change it by joining, attending monthly meetings and encouraging other people like you to do the same.

    We like to believe that our political system is a democracy because all citizens are allowed to vote but it is really and Oligarchy.

    A very small minority of influential party members and others who help fund the parties always decide who the rest of the people are allowed to vote for in elections and the MMP system also allows them to be represented by people that no-one voted for.

    The only real problem with our government is that the majority of the people have allowed a small minority to take control of the political parties and decide who will be in the government.

    The available data indicates that there are probably less than 50,000 paid up members of political parties in NZ and only a very small percentage of them are active or influential.

    There are over 250,000 LFOs.

    Do the simple math and restore the right for responsible citizens to own and use firearms.

    The influential people in the 2 main political parties want to take away our guns but we can join their parties, confront the prejudiced people at their local meetings and take away their political power.

    Just do it. |
    Join up.
    Front up.
    Speak up.

    End this prejudice and discrimination.

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