NZ Must Avoid UK Rabbit Disease

by Ben Hope

An outbreak of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease type 2 (RVHD2) is currently sweeping the UK and Ireland. The virus is deadly to rabbits both in the wild and at home and kills in just 24 hours. 
There are usually no symptoms, and when rabbits finally show signs of the disease it is often too late. Vets have warned not enough rabbits in the UK have been properly vaccinated, and are urging owners to take action.
Not in NZ!
David Mack, spokesman for the Sporting Hunters’ Outdoor Trust said New Zealand should totally avoid the rabbit disease being released.
“Absolutely the last thing we need in New Zealand is another form of biological warfare against what could turn out to be a very valuable food source in the coming months and years,” he said.
“In case politicians and bureaucrats are still blissfully unaware the food supply system of the entire world is collapsing, check out for details,” he said.
NZ Fortunate
New Zealanders were incredibly fortunate that they can feed ourselves and to that end the government should be immediately banning all 1080 and other poison use so as to ensure our highly valuable game animals deer, goats, pigs, chamois, tahr, rabbits and hares were free of the taint of possible poisoning and can be relied upon as safe for human consumption. 
“Hunting for food should be encouraged by all means possible,” said David Mack.
Things were never going to be the same again after the CCP virus, and people were going to have to get used to an entirely different way of living. As far as Covid-19 was concerned the world was not in the process of heading out of the crisis but was at the front end of a crisis, heading into it. 

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