NZ Outdoors Party Horrified at Government Tahr Eradication Plan

The New Zealand Outdoors Party has called the government’s plan to extensively cull tahr as tantamount to an eradication campaign.

NZ Outdoors Party co-leader Alan Simmons of Turangi said he was horrified by the audacity of Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage and her Department of Conservation with their latest tahr plan which would eradicate all tahr from the New Zealand mountains. 
“Tahr are a CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) endangered animal and revered around the world. How can New Zealand, a country where one celebrates the great outdoors and free access to wild foods set out to destroy such a species while the rest of the world classifies the animal as endangered?” he said. 
Alan Simmons called on hunters to stand up and actively oppose the government’s tahr extermination campaign.  
Democracy Issue
He said the New Zealand Outdoors Party has been leading by example and actively encouraging communities around New Zealand to stand up for democracy and their rights. 
“We will look to rally the hunting community and blockade any attempts by DOC to wipe out the tahr. If we don’t make a stand over issues like this, our rights will be gone forever. Democracy is at stake here.” 
The NZ Outdoors Party had been actively speaking around New Zealand on 5G and the loss of democracy while also asking communities around New Zealand what matters to them. 
“Constantly people have complained that government is not listening and seem determined to proceed with government’s own agendas despite the permanent harm to democracy and the people’s great New Zealand outdoors and the loss of our important wild food resources.  The run-up to the election looks like war and the outdoors public need to stand up make their views known and vote. And I know they will,” said Alan Simmons.. 
When the New Zealand Outdoors Party gains seats in parliament it will immediately stop the slaughter of tahr and the poisoning of the people’s wildlife. 
“It’s time for a major cultural change to value wild animals which have become persecuted because of a ideological doctrine spouted by Forest and Bird and the Green party,” he said.

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