Of Omnipotent Socialists and Climate Change

Opinion by Paul Revere

The activists in Greenpeace want our support and money to make the socialist who call themselves “the state” punish New Zealand farmers for changing the climate.

As I recall, it was socialists, who call themselves “the government”, that promoted dairy farming as an economic necessity and did not care that it would be detrimental to ecological systems that were not suitable for growing grass and feeding so many cows.

The farmers, who did what the socialists, decided are now being blamed for weather events, without any valid evidence or proof that they caused or contributed to the occurrence of these weather events.

The accusers refuse to accept the evidence that the farmers grow grass that sequesters carbon and that this sequestered carbon enables the cows to grow and produce milk and meat that people require to live.

Loaded Dice

They prefer to deny the abundant evidence that most of New Zealand’s vegetation that sequesters carbon is not included in the calculations of net emissions. 

To explain, vegetation under five (5) metres in height is excluded, i.e. does not count in sequestering calculations. So pasture is excluded. A perusal of native vegetation species shows at least several dozen are below 5 metres in height. After all, bigger forest trees spend several years or more under 5 metres in height in juvenile stages.

It makes no sense. The dice is loaded.

If the accounting was correct and accurate, our net emissions are probably already less than zero because the estimate of CO2 released is probably inflated and that taken up by “green things” is underestimated.

Even if we accept the bogus accounting, the net emissions of the people of New Zealand are a very small fraction of the global emissions that may or may not be contributing to climate change.


 Pasture and trees ( foreground) under 5 metres in height are excluded in carbon sequestering calculations but

 carbon farming trees in background are not

Little Effect

According to the available evidence, reducing our net emissions to zero or less will have little effect on the global total and an irrelevant insignificant effect on the global climate or temperature.

The global climate would not change even if we all stopped driving our cars, or even breathing, because we cannot “fix” what we are not the cause of.

What price should the people of New Zealand have to pay to achieve nothing that will change the global climate?

How much extra taxation can we afford to pay?

How much more debt can we afford to service and repay?

How much more can we afford to pay for our food and other living expenses?

How much of the income from agricultural exports can we do without?

How many farmers, their families and workers should we bankrupt?

Many Mistakes

How many more costly mistakes, made by omnipotent socialists who call themselves “the state”, do we have to suffer from and pay for before we accept the reality that socialism always fails because the socialists run out of other people’s money?

The socialists have already run out of the money that productive people can provide but just keep borrowing more for us to service and repay to maintain their delusion, that they can achieve what they cannot do with our money that we cannot afford to give them.

Without socialists interfering in our lives and wasting our current and future incomes, individual independent people would be free and able to establish, grow and maintain productive enterprises that provide desired goods and services to willing buyers. 

These productive enterprises would utilise natural and human resources appropriately and efficiently to generate revenue, profits and prosperity.

Enterprises that were trying to “force square pegs into round holes” would fail and not be propped up by “the government” with the money earned by the productive workers in successful enterprises.


Without the socialists, who call themselves the state, individual people would have equal opportunities and responsibilities for independently improving their own lives and the lives of other people.

Some people would not receive unequal privileges, opportunities, public funds and other advantages over the rest at our expense.

People would derive more mutual benefit from cooperating with one another than becoming members of opposing “tribes” that expect “the government” to take what others have earned and give it to them.


Socialism is a good story but the delusion, that the people who call themselves state can provide for and protect us in return for our dependency and obedience, is a lie that results in disunity, social dysfunction, economic failure and poverty.

We need to stop believing that “the government” can do things the people in the government cannot do and accept that we have to do what needs doing for ourselves and one another without so much government interference, mismanagement, failure and waste of our time, energy and money.

The socialists that call themselves the state, have taken too much of our privacy, independence, freedom, property rights and money and will keep taking more, that is, until the people stop hiring them when they (the people) vote in elections.

Footnote: The Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations has no political party affiliations. Opinions expressed in any article are not necessarily CORANZ’s opinion or policy, but we do enthusiastically encourage open and frank debate. Politics in environment or outdoor recreation matters is simply “cause and effect.”

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2 Responses to Of Omnipotent Socialists and Climate Change

  1. Dr. Charlie Baycroft says:

    Socialism, a system of government in which a minority of people called “the state” have authority and power over the rest of the people, was a LUXURY we could afford when New Zealand was thriving and prosperous.

    As should have been expected, the socialists have destroyed that prosperity because it always fails when the socialists who call themselves “the state” RUN OUT OF THE OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

    No problem for the authortarian socialists.

    They just kept on borrowing more money for the productive working people to service and somehow repay in the future.

    Socialists suffer from the delusion that they are OUR PARENTS who can protect and provide for us in return for our dependence and obedience to them.
    They ignore the reality that good parents earn the money, treat their children fairly and equally and enable their chilfren to become independent, free and productive ADULTS.

    New Zealand has become a very dysfunctional, divided and poor “family” because of the socilaists who call themselves the state.

    A few favoured children have been given opportunities to be successful, rewarded and rich because that benefits the socialist parents.

    Many spoiled children have been given unequal privileges, opportunities and family funds for doing nothing productive so that they remain depenent and obedient.

    The majority of the children have been told that they need to work to support themselves and the “family”but cannot better themselves because they authoritarian parents impose too many restrictive rules, hire too many bureacratic assistants to enforce the rules and spend more money than they can provide.

    The productive working children cannot afford to provide what the socilaist parents spend so they have to borrow more and more fake money (created from nothing) to live.
    The socialist parents also borrow more for the productive working kids to service and somehow repay.

    The useless, authoritarian socialists, who call themselves the state, maintain their authority and power by promising more things they cannot do and bribing the people with more money the people cannot afford to pay.

    The people keep accepting the false promises and bribes because they have accepted the delusion that “the government” can or will be able to protect and provide for them in return for their dependence and obedience and to not want to accept the responsibility for looking after themselves and one another.

    New Zealand has become a DYSFUCTIONAL FAMILY with useless, non-productive authoritarian parents and selfish children who all want more and more for less and less.

    The privileged rich kids threaten to leave the family unless they are enabled to keep getting richer.

    The dependent (poor little me) kids keep demanding more and threatening to misbehave if they do not get more for contributing nothing.

    The productive working kids are confused, discouraged and prevented from getting ahead because the parents impose too may restrictions on their lives and take too much of what they earn from them.
    Some of the more capable ones leave the family and move to palces where they have more equal and fair opportunities to better themselves.
    Some just give up and join the poor kids who get what they need for doing nothing.
    The rest just struggle on because they have to in order to support themselves and fund the debts they have incurred as their real incomes have declined for the past 40 or 50 years.

    Such a dysfunctional family inevitably becomes divided, selfish, hostile, unproductive and impoverished but the socialist parents do not care as long as they retain the authority and power they feel entitled to.

    The dependent and obedient kids keep blaming “the government” and one another for the failure of their incompetent and authoritarian socialist parents who have caused all the division, hostility, inequality, disappoitment, dispair, civil unrest, crime and POVERTY and keep making the problems worse.

    New Zealand COULD become a “family” of independent, productive people who willingly cooperate with one another for their mutual benefit and that of their nation and future generations, like it once was.

    We can only do so if and when enough of us reject the socialist delusion that the omnipotent busybodies who call themselves the state can protect and provide for us in return for our dependence, obedience and procedes of our productive efforts and labour.

    The socialists (who must be obeyed) will continue to promise what they cannot do and bribes us with money we cannot afford to pay until enough people reject the false promises and unaffordable bribes and stop voting to hire these useless and destructive socialists to govern them.

    We can do it in October or wait for the dysfunction, division, restrictions of our lives, social unrest, crime, mental illness and poverty become unbearable and force us to GROW UP AND BECOME INDEPENDENT AND PRODUCTIVE ADULTS.

  2. Dave Rhodes says:

    Latest NOAA average temperature data for the US does not appear to show any warming trend. Here is the URL and settings used:

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