Time to Stand Up!

Opinion by Angus McIntyre
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This is a pretty standard photo (below) of myself, on a hill, in the middle of nowhere, with an animal harvested to fill my freezer. This photo is who I am, I am a hunter, and I am proud of it.
I’ve been chewing on this a fair bit over the last few days, and I like most hunters are scared for the future of New Zealand, scared of what’s next, of the changing way of life being forced upon us by persons pushing their own agendas, and these persons are those who we as a country through political process elected, whether voted for or not.
Many people would say it’s just a Tahr , it was introduced don’t get so concerned. Well most animals were introduced so I ask where does it stop? 
Tahr have inhabited alpine parts of the South Island since 1907, they have flourished and are thriving, whilst they are declining in their only other habitat in the world. 
I wander these New Zealand alpine environments they inhabit every chance I get. These areas are not barren of plant life, they are not absent of the sounds of native birds. These areas are shared by the Tahr, by the native plants, the introduced plants, the Falcon’s and the Kea. I know this because I have experienced this first hand, which makes me wander how these elected officials come to determine that Tahr are a problem. 
Over a Century
Consider this, Tahr have inhabited the alpine areas of the South Island for a 113 years causing significantly less damage to their environment than we humans have caused to the areas we inhabit. 
These elected officials are pushing their agendas, using their political powers for personal agendas. Elected officials who are in a position to serve the country not their own interests, it’s a total conflict of interest to say the least. And its these elected officals if given free reign would not stop with Tahr, they would progress to the Wapiti hanging out in the Glasnoick, the Chamois roaming Arthur’s Pass, the whitetail on the streets of Oban and the fallow croaking in the Woodhills forest. 
In a time where the world has been devastated by fires, floods, viruses and horrendous acts of humans we look on our government to make correct calls, to help our people, to create job opportunities and ensure that our way of life, in our New Zealand paradise can continue. 
Yet our government is taking aim in ways that will take these opportunities away. Tahr provide a massive industry to New Zealand’s economy and yet elected officials are seeking to destroy that with out considering the effects it will have on livelihoods of our communities. 
Elected Officials
I cannot fathom how the elected officials can even contemplate funding agendas that will result in ruin if economic industries that the Tahr provide or lifestyles and opportunities that Tahr attract, especially considering these elected officials cannot even find funding for our St John’s emergency services.
Is this the New Zealand we want? A country where it’s ok to mass cull animals, a country laden with aerial dropped poison killing and polluting everything if touches. Is this the clean, green, number 8 wire, know your neighbours New Zealand that we grew up being a part of, being proud of? 
It’s time to stand up New Zealand, it’s time for our voices to be heard, it’s time the government start to listen to what New Zealand wants and needs rather than personal agendas.

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