Trout Federation President Wants to be Effective Advocate

Peter Trolove of Canterbury, 67 years of age,  was elected president of the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers at the organisation’s recent AGM.

“It was the best way to be an effective advocate for the sport that has given me so much pleasure,” he added.
Peter Trolove a veterinarian with a subsidiary qualification in the aquatic veterinarian field as pertaining to fish farming, is concerned at the situation around rivers and he public’s trout and salmon fisheries. What triggered his concern was the “whitewash” hearing that approved Trustpower exploiting the West Coast’s Arnold River . Adding to the concern was the decline in the Canterbury rivers such as the Rakaia, particularly around irrigation draw-offs and leaching of nitrates. But the Federation of Freshwater Anglers was an opportunity to be “a politically independent voice for the trout and salmon fishing public
Peter Trolove has top qualifications, expertise and angling experience as credentials.
He was born in Ashburton and fished and hunted with his father. At age seven he was catching trout on the fly and caught his first salmon at 12 years of age. Since, he has extensively fished the three major braided rivers of the Ashburton area for salmon and sea trout and fished West Coast rivers too.
A favourite of Peter’s is chasing the Rakaia’s sea trout. The ever-changing environment as regards tides, gravel constantly moving, and variable river flows, the turbidity of the water from clear, glacial blue to milky coffee is an irresistible challenge to him. 


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