$208 Million to Satisfy Government Firearm Curiosity Doomed

A recent government announcement that it will spend an extra $ 562 Million on the police with $208 million allocated to setting up a new register of firearms is doomed to failure says the Sporting Shooters’ Association of  NZ (SSANZ).

The government announcement said “Much of the money is focused on firearms, with $208m being spent establishing a new Firearms Business Unit within police, that will oversee the new Firearms Register.

The government’s stated reason for the firearms register was because “we don’t know how many firearms there are in New Zealand”. 
But SSANZ’s president Chaz Forsyth says “We never will know, because while law abiding citizens may register their firearms the criminals who use them to cause mayhem in our communities, never will.”
“Effectively the government is spending $208 Million on an attempt to satisfy their curiosity that is doomed to failure,” says Chaz Forsyth. “As has been demonstrated in other jurisdictions gun registers have been proven to be ineffective in solving crime, so how will an expensive register make New Zealand safer, at a time when so many Kiwis await elective surgery and cancer treatment”. 
Errors Abound
It is well known in the firearm community that the existing register of handguns and restricted weapons is riddled with errors and that only covers about 7,000 licence holders.
“So how accurate will the new register be when it has to cater for all the firearms of 242,000 licensed firearm owners?”
Problem Ignored
The government is spending $ 208 Million on law abiding licensed firearm owners who are not a problem, while spending less than $100 Million ($ 94.5 Million) on organised criminals, who are the problem.
“Where is the logic in that?  Just imagine the difference that could be made to the safety of the public, and police, if all of that money (more than $300 Million) was spent on dealing with the gangs,” he says. 

Contact: SSANZ – Chaz Forsyth. Phone 027 473 8318  

© “Law abiding citizens, like hunters, may register their firearms but the criminals who use

 them to cause mayhem in our communities never will.”

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5 Responses to $208 Million to Satisfy Government Firearm Curiosity Doomed

  1. HONEST DAVE says:

    + Registration is ONE step away from compulsory confiscation. Refer recent
    rounding up of ALL centrefire hunting rifles under the guise of being ” military
    style” firearms. The Forces-of-Evil knew where all the “E” cat firearms because
    they were ” Registered”!!!! Marxists with UN agendas ( Nobel Peace prize
    ambitions ) cannot be trusted!!!!

    + The naughty crims will never own up to ANY firearms that they have access to. In
    fact they laugh at the silly people who paid them $250,000 for the return of 11 of
    the 14 firearms stolen from the Palm Nth police stn!!!!
    + Fact: Only 2 out of every 10 shipping containers are Xrayed to check for
    contraband items. Including fentanyl & illicit firearms!!!!

    + Overseas coastal type fishing boats have been know to drop off sealed bags of
    all sorts of illegal items to be picked up by persons with GPS references. Refer
    recent boat load of drugs landed on 90 mile beach.

    + Electronic records can be hacked into & data stolen.( NZ Police know all about
    this ‘cos they have had their database on registered “B”, “C” & “E” category
    firearms hacked many times in the past. Hackers will then have all the details
    about who has what firearms,security measures, addresses are owned by whom.

    + Under Trudeau the older, Canada wasted $2 billion trying to set up a firearm
    Registry that not even the RCMP wanted a bar of. It was promptly removed by
    P.M. Harper when he took over only to be re-established by his marxist (Klaus
    Schwab indoctrinated) son when he weaseled his way into the PM’s job.!!!!!


  2. Lew says:

    Why is it in any controversy law abiding citizens are the ones to be penalised

  3. Richard Hannay says:

    Have these public servants, like Jacinda Ardern, and ex-police minister Stuart Nash and current police minister Poto Williams, no conscience on how they spend public money?
    What of the police and Chris Cahill. President of the NZ Police Association. Cahill is a detective inspector, seconded full time to the association’s national office and does nothing for sensible debate and decisions. All public servants.

  4. Steve Phillips says:

    If the government and police are really wanting to vastly increase the number of black and grey market guns then the proposed register is the right way to go about it.

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