A “Must” Book to Read – if You Care About the Future

Book Review; He Puapua by John Robinson, published by Tross Publishing, Wellington. Available at good bookshops or ordered directly from Tross Publishing – https://trosspublishing.co.nz/ for $35. Reviewed by Tony Orman

John Robinson is one of the country’s top historians a former university lecturer, and research scientist and prolific author of books about the historical development of New Zealand. His conclusions on New Zealand’’s history are frequently controversial because he does not back off from challenging “politically correct” dogma.  His past several books have reflected his concern about such dogmas as mindless economic growth, degradation of the environment and over-population. The author has challenged the Kapiti Council’s use of 1080 poison and thereby incurred the wrath of the Forest and Bird Society.
John Robinson now expresses concern in his latest book “He Puapua”, subtitled “Blue Print for Breaking Up New Zealand.” He Pupua originated from United Nations and government agencies, the latter not infrequently infiltrated by self interest groups. The recent He Puapua report is aimed at changing New Zealand from an egalitarian society into one divided between an ambitious tribal elite and a subservient, often apathetic majority.
The author pulls no punches in expressing his concern about the “Te Puapua” strategy which is based on carrying out the recommendations of the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP)When the declaration came out, Prime Minister Helen Clark refused to sign UNDRIP because many of its Articles were in conflict with New Zealand laws and system of government. However, the manipulative John Key, in order to hold on political power and being dependent on the Maori Party to hold that power, instructed Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples to quietly and secretly go to New York to sign UNDRIP. Public consultation was nil. 
“Divide and Conquer”
Author John Robinson analyses the Declaration which in essence directs states to enable indigenous people to virtually run their countries. 
It is “divide and conquer”, i.e. a divided nation. There is growing separatism between “ Maori” – about 13% of the population – and the rest of the New Zealand people, which is undermining democracy. John Robinson piercingly and perceptively looks at various issues such as the weak case Maori have for being regarded as indigenous,  considerable evidence of pre-Polynesian settlement of New Zealand and the reality that New Zealand is now becoming a racist country with a small minority increasingly becoming more powerful and more dominant.
Outdoors Kiwis
Outdoor recreation lovers will be concerned with the effect on public lands, conservation and water resources. 
“He Puapua: Blueprint for Breaking up New Zealand” is a very timely book that all New Zealanders should read. John Key got a deserved brickbat and current PM Jacinda Ardern gets the same for “doing the nation a massive disservice as the democratic rights and liberties of non-Maori continue to be undermined by the implementation of “He Puapua.
A book for all caring Kiwis.
© Historian and author John Robinson

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8 Responses to A “Must” Book to Read – if You Care About the Future

  1. Rupert Pye says:

    One has to admire John Robinson’s courage and candour. Well said John.
    NZ’s society ws founded on egalitarian principles of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of wealth, class, gender and ethnicity.

  2. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    I have read all of Robinson’s books, his mastery of language & attention to detailed research is mind boggling.I have just finished this one again,a wake up call, sad though it is, to the path Ardern & Co. are leading us to destruction of our nation. It might be too late, but in any case, time to say “no more”.There are shouts for impeachment across the waters, while our transgressors run free here.
    Let’s join together & blow the whistle & hand out a red card to Adern &her henchmen.

  3. Charles Baycroft says:

    Recorded human history is the tale of oppression and suffering of the masses for the benefit of elite minorities.

    Democracy flourished for a while because the common people demanded the right to choose who represented them in government.

    Then they forgot the hardships of the past and stopped participating in choosing who would represent them.

    The people in our government are chosen by a very small minority of influential political party members and annonymous financial “donors” to represent them.

    Government of the many by an elite group is called Oligarchy.

    What those in our government have been doing is not for the common good.

    It is only for the benefit of who choose and fund the candidates that the masses are allowed to vote for.

    Join a political party.
    Attend some local meetings.
    There you will meet the people who have been deciding what happens to you and your families.

    They are mostly old.
    Their focus is only winning the next election.
    Most could be properly labelled as omnipotent moral busybodies who believe they are entitled to make everyone else do what they say.

    If you do not wish to be ruled by these “woke ” busybodies, you need to join their political parties and confront them face to face.

    Who has the integrity and courage to do this?

  4. "Joe Citizen" says:

    A candid, concise book explaining about He Puapua. How did we reach this George Orwell as in his novel “1984”, a divisive level of political absurdity. 1984? Ironically it started in 1984 with lily white liberals in the Lange government and successive governments (e.g Think of Treaty ministers Doug Graham and Christopher Finlayson and now Labour’s Andrew Little whilst we not forget John Key and Jacinda Adern as PMs.
    As John Robinson’s book’s subtitle says “Blueprint for Breaking up NZ”. It is happening and the people need to stir from their slumber. Political inertia born of apathy is dangerous.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi john
    I fully agree with the over representation of maori in this country what an absolute joke.it seems that nobody challanges maori as they are to scared to be called a rasist.
    I may sound like a rasist but all i want is for every kiwi to be treated equaly.please reply for further discussion.kind regards andrew

  6. Sandy Dune says:

    New Zealand was founded by the European settlers in conjunction with the earlier migrants Maori, via the Treaty to be an egalitarian society with equal opportunity for all.
    That has been twisted and distorted by self interest groups and woolly academics. Lts get back to the original concept.
    Don’t stereotype all those with Maori heritage. I believe the racist demands are by a 3% of those with Maori heritage.

  7. Bruce Reid says:

    Where can I get hold of Johns book…. The Corruption of NZ Democracy ???.
    More than 1 copy would be good as I would like to give some copies to some of my close friends who are also fed up with the current racist power grab which is threatening to instill apartheid in this country.

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