A Way of Life Held Dear

My kids they went a-hunting 
And they shot a deer
Part of a way of life
We hold very near

For when our modern forefathers
Founded our country free
This is exactly how they intended
Things would always be

New Zealand surely is
The most beautiful country on Earth
And the things we take for granted
Are the rights of our birth

To catch a trout in a stream
Or to shoot a deer on the hill
These things are our freedoms
And stand up for them, we will

In fact we already have
Including in two world wars
To keep those who would deny our freedoms
Away from our beautiful shores

For ‘twas us who filled our ranks
Prepared to fight to the death
That spirit lives on still
And it will, ‘til our very last breath

So I guess this is a warning 
To those who would take our freedoms away
We will forever stand against you
We are here to stay

We’ll fight you in every arena
And every step of the way
You, deny us our freedoms?
That will be the day

So perhaps consider the folly
Of what you may be trying to do
Please we want to work with you
(Or we will see you through)

For you ain’t seen nothing yet
We’ve not even really got started
When we all pull together
We will surely see you departed

Over 5% of the population
Over 10% of the vote
Over 20% of the community
Our numbers are worthy of note

Over $5 billion in recreational assets
And we ain’t gonna give them away
We are 100% “us”
And we are here .. to stay.

Stewart Hydes
August 2020 

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2 Responses to A Way of Life Held Dear

  1. Sarah says:

    NZ life as it should be – getting outside is vital for our kids – keep tradition alive

  2. Lewis Hore says:

    Excellent, never a truer word spoken

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