Firearm Registry will Prove a Costly Failure – COLFO

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3 Responses to Firearm Registry will Prove a Costly Failure – COLFO

  1. Lew says:

    What a gross waste of time and money, haven’t the advocates of this new legislation learnt anything from other countries failures at registering firearms.
    The banning of of some types of fire arms after the Mosque shootings only increased firearms crimes as will the new current regulations as more guns will go underground.

  2. Teddy Roosterveldt says:

    I assume an intended consequence of this stupid registration scheme is to drive legitimate gun shops out of business. This will happen because who in their right mind will buy or sell a gun or firearm accessory (legally) when doing so triggers the requirement to register all of one’s guns within 30 days? The black market is set for the biggest boost in history and the gangs will be loving it.

  3. Charles Forth says:

    Of course it will fail because it is focused on law abiding people. Meanwhile gangs and criminals will be chuckling.
    Other countries have tried it, wasted taxpayers’ money and given up.

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