NZ Police betray our heritage and conservation ideals.

by Chaz Forsyth, 

President Sporting Shooters Assn., of NZ.

By proposing regulations that make it harder for shooting clubs and ranges to operate, along with imposing restrictions on how novices can enter the sport, police are attacking New Zealand conservation ideals and heritage.

It has been estimated that recreational hunters account for 267,000 big game animals (dear, chamois, tahr and wild pigs) and 230,000 goats annually. This is a significant contribution to game animal management and protecting the biodiversity of New Zealand forrest and wild bush country.  Just as important is the control of pest or small game animals in the agriculture sector, often carried out by farmers aided by young hunters.  To do this safely and ensure ethical animal harvesting hunters need clubs and ranges to support the training of novice hunters and for older hands to hone their marksmanship and sight in their firearms. 

Sporting Shooters Association President Chaz Forsyth says “Government  should be promoting more clubs and ranges throughout the country in support of the first aim off the Arms Act which is to “promote the safe possession and use of firearms and other weapons, but instead they are hell bent on making it harder for clubs and ranges to exist. In this they are aided by NZ police who are dreaming up new regulations that will force many clubs and ranges to close, and in doing so, the NZ Police betray our heritage and conservation ideals. 

Footnote: For more information contact: Chaz Forsyth, President SSANZ Phone – 64 0274738318

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7 Responses to NZ Police betray our heritage and conservation ideals.

  1. Benjamin Hope says:

    Police are sadly just another bureaucracy. “Nero fiddles while Rome burns.” So crime is increasing and the police and politicians fiddle with senseless, purposeless laws while further penalising law abiding Kiwi firearm owners.

  2. Ordinary Kiwi says:

    We need to face the reality that the intention of the influential people in our main political parties is definitely NOT to “promote the safe possession and use of firearms”.

    It is to prohibit the possession and use of firearms by progressively criminalizing those who have them.

    Imposing increasingly complicated regulations creates a situation in compliance is difficult and discourages law abiding people to continue to own and use firearms.

    That is the intention of those who have been choosing, supporting and promoting the politicians who become MPs for the past few decades.

    In the present culture of our main political parties guns are offensive, dangerous, unnecessary and need to be banned.

    The response of LFOs and those who try to represent them has been to agree that “guns kill people” and try to cooperate in promoting safer ownership, storage and usage.

    Unfortunately, this cooperation and apparent agreement supports the prejudice against firearms and those who have them and the intentions of those influential political party members who wish to confiscate and ban them.

    There is no benefit from trying to reason and negotiate with people who are prejudiced against you because they will not listen.

    LFOs help reduce the numbers of species classified as pests.
    This is interpreted as validation that guns are dangerous and undesirable.
    Better to just pollute the ecosystem with highly toxic poisons.

    Gun clubs and ranges are a safe environment in which new owners and users of firearms learn to use them responsibly and safely.
    This is interpreted as validation that “guns kill people” and should not be allowed.
    People who wish to learn about guns must be discouraged from doing so.

    New Zealand, unlike mo0st democratic nations has no constitution to protect the “rights” of the people from being ignored and violated by those with political influence, authority and power.
    With no constitution what we think of as rights are just temporary privileges that can be granted or revoked at any time without negotiation or consent of those who are adversely effected.

    Most New Zealanders have no understanding of how the political system operates or who it serves.
    They foolishly tend to believe that voting in elections places people that represent them in government.

    It does not!

    Elections place politicians who have been chosen, supported and promoted by the small minority of people who are active and influential members and financial supporters of the National and Labour parties in the government.

    Those who are elected serve that small minority because they would like to retain their approval and support.

    The only way to have an effective voice in our government is to join one of the 2 main political parties, attend their (secretive) meetings, learn what is really going on and begin to have some influence over who is chosen as a candidate and what he or she is required to do if elected.

    The good news is that very few people are doing this and many of the more dominant ones are aging activists of the 1970s and 1980s who became involved to further their political agendas and are needing to be replaced by younger people.

    In most electorates, there is a core group of less than 12 active members who have the most power and influence on party policies and the selection of representatives and none of these people have any sympathy for firearms or those who are currently allowed to legally have them.

    These prejudiced busybodies are messing with our lives and the only effective response is to join their political parties, confront them at their secretive little meetings and mess with them as well to restore the right of responsible citizens to own and use their personal property as they like as long as they are not harming or endangering the lives of anyone else.

    Do enough owners of firearms have the courage and determination to front up to the busybodies who are so prejudiced toward them?

  3. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    Great work Chas.
    It is all in lock step with the dictatorship we are in now, our democratic ways & heritage of centuries being dismantled by our rulers.
    Lately the PM’s press release tells us she will be setting in place co governance with the tribal elite. Acting without mandate.Soon we will be the New Zeababwestanolov apartheid of the Pacific.
    Police as seen here, are already operating as such .

  4. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    So. Is. Ngai Tahu have announced they are poised to take over the assets of the So.Is. & have arrangements with other Iwi for the full governance of the whole country. Here’s your Q.How do Police & mjiliyary fit into this, sounding like civil war to me!

  5. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    Press release,
    Prime Minister has now confirmed that her Government will begin consultation on the wider implementation of co-governance in New Zealand

  6. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    any one awake out there????The country is being dismantled by Jacinderella time for toes to dig in

    • Frank Henry says:

      Apathy is the biggest danger. As Plato said, “The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men.” Add “or women” in today’s age. Those afflicted with inertia will be the first to squeal when the dung hits the fan. Every firearm owner should join, support and participate in the Sporting Shooters Assn of NZ. Well done Chaz Forsyth.
      Don’t forget, join SSANZ.

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