Police Firearms Meddling is a Muddle – Sporting Shooters Assn.,

Police handling of firearms issues has been slammed by  Neville Dodd president of the Sporting Shooters Association of NZ.  His comment was in response to Auckland Police Superintendent Malthus saying that, “Keeping firearms owners safe is a key focus for Police”. 
“Safe from who?asked Neville Dodd. “From our perspective the biggest threat and the most damage to firearm owners in New Zealand unquestionably comes from the present government and Police”.
Government and the police had marginilised the firearm community.
“In addition government and police have confiscated and destroyed treasured and historic firearms from law abiding citizens, made it harder to obtain a firearms licence – not forgetting year long delays in licence renewals – carried out home invasions with the destruction of licensed owners property, produced regulations that will close shooting clubs and ranges and put owners at risk by neglecting to secure their addresses and personal details.” 
“Next the law abiding firearm public will face the registration of all firearms with the inherent risks that poses for law abiding owners to say nothing of the huge impost on the taxpayer of $1 million per week.
At the same time as all of this the number of shootings of civilians by police appears to be on the increase. 
“So superintendent we can do without the focus of Police, thank you very much,” said Neville Dodd.

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10 Responses to Police Firearms Meddling is a Muddle – Sporting Shooters Assn.,

  1. James Dotterell says:

    One is left wondering as to the big agenda. Why are the police hellbent on legal firearm ownership and citizens who respect and obey the laws of the country?
    At the end of the day the police and politicians are public servants, paid by the public with a paramount duty to serve the public interest.

  2. Oilyrag says:

    Well said Neville Dodd.
    How much more off this persecution do LFOs have to put up with?
    It will need a change of government before we can get back to sensible and workable firearms laws.

  3. Chaz Forsyth says:

    Trenchant commentary from an informed minority. Too bad ignorance has been reigning supreme – there is nothing so awful as ignorance in action!

  4. Paul Revere says:

    Who came up with the notion that the way to prevent gun related crimes is to burden people that do not commit the crimes with more and more rules and regulations?

    Perhaps these “geniuses” do not understand that a criminal is someone who does not abide by rules and regulations?

    They prefer to believe the myth that discouraging law abiding people from owning and using guns will somehow stop criminals from having and misusing them.

    The probable outcome of these changes to the regulations are:
    1. Leakage of the information held by the police will potentially endanger the property and safety of law abiding citizens and their families.
    2. Participation in supervised shooting at clubs and ranges will be discouraged and people will find other places to use their guns.
    3. More people will be forced to stop owning firearms and become unable to defend themselves or protect their property from criminals.
    Crimes will increase.
    4. Responsible firearm owners will become more distrustful, suspicious, alienated, non-compliant and criminalized.
    They will not register their firearms or renew their licenses.
    5. More police resources will be diverted from dealing with robberies and violence to pursuing and prosecuting otherwise law abiding people who have become victims of this unjust legislation.

    Nicole McKee is doing what she can to represent responsible gun owners but it will not achieve much because the decisions have already been made by the influential elites in the National, Labour and Green parties who believe that ownership of firearms should be banned.

    I wonder how many gun owners will abandon the main parties and actively support ACT?

  5. Stewart Hydes says:

    What ought people get their heads around?
    * for how long, here in NZ .. are we going to let the tail wag the dog?
    * recreation is vital for our mental, physical, social, cultural, and economic well-being. Mental health, for example, causes the death of more people in New Zealand than firearms ever have .. or will. When will people start taking a balanced view of the role firearms play, in our communities .. and take into account the other side of the ledger?
    * lawful and legitimate firearms ownership, possession and use in NZ .. versus the criminal misuse of firearms .. are like chalk and cheese. Despite the best efforts of the Police, in particular, to convince us otherwise .. there is very little overlap
    * we compare ourselves with Australia and the UK, on the firearms issue .. where we should be comparing ourselves with the likes of Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. These countries have a similar rate of .. and a similar culture around .. lawful and legitimate firearms ownership, possession and use
    * despite all of the propaganda-fed paranoia that has been whipped up around firearms .. fuelled by increased criminal misuse .. New Zealand still ranks right up there, as one-of the very best .. and safest .. countries in the world in which to live
    * firearms in NZ are vital for the protection of our indigenous biodiversity .. and our firearms law reforms have been detrimental to our efforts, in this area

  6. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    James asks,
    “what is the big agenda”? In a Marxist state which is where Jacinderella is taking us, the public will be disarmed. It’s all coming to us,& lots more loss of rights,even democracy itself,replaced bt Apartheid, thanks to those foolish voters giving our female dictator 100% power, she is the greatest enemy the country has ever faced, making Sparafucile & Hitler look like mother Theresa!

  7. Lew says:

    Everything was fine until the police procedure let some idiot from Australia loose in Ch.Ch.
    Also when are knives going to be banned they seem to be killing and damaging more people than firearms.

  8. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    Stewart makes a good point about our recreation & firearms, above here.Much of that takes place on PUBLIC LAND.
    How many know that DOC has been instructed by this racist govmnt to form the “Options Working Group”, to prepare the paper work to hand over the entire Conservation Estate to tribal Iwi control, i e [re zone public land to make it maori land],all this behind closed doors with no mandate to act in this manner.

  9. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    Squeaky squeal gets the land. Did everyone see the mass mail out, long while back now,2021/20 where somebody researching the Pua Pua .[poo poo]document, found that all land, private or public is at risk of rezoning &being prepared for hand over to moedi ownership.This Links to a recent press release:
    Large South island tribe Ngai Tahu is poised to take over the entire So. Is. & has arrangements agreed with other tribes to take over the whole country!! Anyone wanting a copy of the proposed rezoning of all land send me your email request,easy to send a copy.

  10. Albie Edwards says:

    How is it that properly vetted, fit, law abiding licensed firearm owners present such a real threat to society that they/we are being further penalised, restricted & “othered” by our so called leaders and the Police who (according to the Royal Commission review), were responsible for Tarrant’s ability to kill so many? Was it because criminals (by definition) don’t give a toss about laws or “consequences“ & therefore cannot be controlled? How about applying the laws and penalties we have, to the actual criminals & stop alienating the lawful community?

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