Twenty- three Gang Shoot-ups in Fortnight in Auckland

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4 Responses to Twenty- three Gang Shoot-ups in Fortnight in Auckland

  1. Fred Hemi says:

    I have never heard such hypocrisy or is it blindness allied with deceit when PM Ardern told Americans NZ had a pragmatic approach to “gun reform” and had shown the way tforother countries. Well that was clearly her inference.
    Labour and don’t forget National voted with the government on the undemocratically rushed law following the 2019 Australian shooter, exacerbated the gang problem by the law which resulted in gangs better armed.
    Ardern is either deluded with her own importance or a liar.
    In my case from a traditional Labour background, I’ve had enough of this undemocratic Labour government. Michael Joseph Savage and Norman Kirk would be horrified and angry as I am.

  2. Coaster says:

    It appears the NZ police and politicians would have been better to have spent the firearms buy back and registration money and energy on the control criminals and gangs rather than victimizing law abiding gun owners.
    “Easy” knee jerk responses rather than doing the real work of policing and government.

  3. Justice Will B. Dunn. says:

    Humorous memories of “Baghdad Bob” spring to mind, when you hear Adern rabbit on about her successes, remember Bob? He was the comical Minister of “Information” in Iraq who night after night, during the invasion would proclaim that the mighty Iraqi Army was on the verge of a great victory over the running dog infidels. Adern is all about controlling the message, pity the gangs haven’t read the comms directive!

  4. Paul Revere says:

    I am definitely opposed to violation of people’s human, civil, legal and property rights.

    Civil order, public safety and our overall “wellbeing” would benefit greatly if people would learn to mind their own business and stop messing with others.

    Most of us seem to agree with this and get along quite well even though we might have different beliefs and opinions because we understand that helping rather than harming one another is mutually beneficial.

    Unfortunately, there have always been and always will be some people that do not understand the benefits of this reciprocity and feel somehow entitled to disrespect, exploit, interfere with, abuse, rob, assault and even kill others to satisfy their own selfish desires.

    Some of these undesirable people are called criminals but others are called Politicians.

    Historically, it has been the politicians who have caused and continue to cause the most conflicts, wars and deaths by refusing to resolve disagreements by negotiation and sending their “subjects” to fight and kill those of their enemies.

    If the people in our government were actively opposing the development and production of more and more advanced weapons of mass destruction and military conflicts between governments that disagree, I would support that.

    If they had been or are effective in dealing with or protecting us from the minority of people who are violent criminals I would appreciate that.

    What these political celebrities seem to prefer is to promote the fear of criminals, gangs and wars while doing little or nothing to reduce the risks.

    They also seem to approve of and even promote the development of military weapons while making legislation to discourage citizens from having the ability to protect themselves and their property if required.

    The terrible Christchurch Mosque tragedy has been enthusiastically exploited to “justify” the confiscation of people’s personal property and introduce more restrictive legislation to criminalize law abiding people for owning and responsibly using firearms.

    No-one seems to be allowed to mention that the tragic loss of innocent lives might have been less if Tarrant’s helpless victims had been able to effectively defend themselves.

    Gang related violence is also being exploited in the same way.
    We are encouraged to be more fearful of gang members but unable to defend ourselves if necessary.

    Perhaps we ought to think about this promotion of fear.
    It is a tried and true means of establishing and maintaining authority, power and control over other people.
    Fear is a very effective political “tool”.

    Making people fearful and also less able to defend themselves from what they fear enables the politically ambitious to pretend to be protecting them, even though they cannot.

    Be honest, it is simply good luck and not the “system” that has been protecting most if us from violent crimes but unfortunately this is changing in NZ.

    The recent armoring and military arming of the police clearly indicates that they and the rest of us are not as lucky and safe as we used to be because of social and economic deterioration.

    The police might intervene after crimes are committed but that is of little benefit or consolation to the victims.

    When the risk of being victims of violent crimes is increasing, as they say, is it sensible or just to further impair our ability to protect and defend ourselves, as they say we should?

    Instead of criminalizing and punishing responsible owners of firearms, it would be more realistic to promote the safe and responsible use of firearms so that more people might be able to defend and protect themselves if necessary.

    The previous system of assessing and licensing “fit and proper” people to own and use firearms was intended to promote the safe and responsible use of these “tools”.

    Changes to the regulations and system have been introduced by a politically influential minority who wish to stop law abiding people from having or using firearms because these omnipotent busybodies do not like guns.

    These anti-gun people might believe that they are promoting safety but they are not.

    Depriving people of the right and ability to protect and defend themselves and their property makes us all very UNSAFE and we should resist this by every appropriate and responsible means possible.

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