Prejudiced Propaganda by Labour and Greens over Firearms

Opinion by Charles Drake

The real facts about Tarrant and his crime are unlikely to become known.

Our concern ought to be how to stop being punished for what Tarrant did and the failure of our government employees to administer their responsibilities in a way that might have prevented it.
The Royal Commission report clearly exonerates all LFOs from any involvement, influence or responsibility for what happened.
It points the finger at our government employees who did not administer the systems responsibly or competently.
It supports our opinion that the fraudulent “buy-back” and proposed register legislation are prejudicial, irrational and wasteful expenses of public funds that will not improve public safety.
The diversion of scarce public money and other resources from other initiatives that would be more beneficial for the people that are forced to pay for them, is a foolish and irresponsible waste that taxpayers ought to be aware of and opposed to.
Ordinary citizens have many concerns and fears but being shot at by a responsible and properly licensed firearms owner is not on the list because it is so unlikely to ever happen.
People are concerned about.
1. Jobs
2. Houses.
3. Medical services.
4. Education.
5. Debt.
6 The escalating cost of daily living.
7. Dysfunctional and failing social systems.
8. Motor vehicle safety and risks.
9. Deteriorating infrastructure
10 Their children’s futures

I don’t think the people that have to pay so much and receive so little value would consider spending a billion or more of their dollars on discrimination against law abiding firearms owners who do not want to harm them or anyoine else very sensible.
The exploitation of Tarrant’s horrible crime to justify the unjustified confiscation of our personal property, by making people fearful of something that is not dangerous for them, is just a way of diverting attention from the absolute failure of our government employees to understand and deal with the real problems that  concern the real people.

Maybe we should be asking people this.
1. “On a scale of 0 to 10 how high do you rate the risk that you will be shot by a properly vetted and licensed “fit and proper” person who owns firearms?
0 = not at all.
10 = it’s my greatest fear.

2. Should “the government” be diverting over one billion of our tax dollars from other uses to force responsible owners of firearms to register their property?
Is this a necessary expense?
Again on a scale of 0 to 10.
0 = complete waste of money and police resources.
10= Absolutely necessary regardless of the price we have to pay.

What we responsible licenced firearm owners (LFO) really need is some unbiased and prejudicial PR to contradict the prejudiced propaganda of the political elites in the Labour and Green parties

Perhaps the fine people in COLFO might consider creating such a poll and we could help to administer it and get evidence to support our claim that we are not a threat to the safety and lives of our neighbours?

Footnote: Charles Drake is a law abiding firearm owner like so many other New Zealanders.

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