Public Rights of Passage

Public rights of passage
Public access to public land
These are the things we’re concerned about
Where we make our stand

For when our early settlers
Founded our country free
They did it with clear intention
Some things would surely be

Access for everyone
Not just those with wealth
The same opportunities for all
For our physical and mental health

Whatever your mode of transport
No arguments about
Getting outdoors is healthy
Of that there is no doubt

In a world plagued by ailments
Our government really ought to support
Those who seek the backcountry
For honest recreation and sport

Whatever is your choice
Whether by foot, bike, vehicle, boat or horse
(Although it must always be said
Respect is a given, of course)

One reason for public access
To keep wild animal numbers down
Wasteful to deny Hunters opportunity
And then have costs fall to the Crown

DOC’s a big part of the challenge
Sure they’re charged with conservation
But overlooking they’re also responsible
To facilitate public recreation

For those who would like to discriminate
Or worse deny our legal right
It should be no surprise
When we stand up and fight

Honouring those who fought and died
To keep our country free
Public access where it’s due
That’s all we want to see

Stewart Hydes
April 2021

Freedom of access to the outdoors is a vital part of NZ’s egalitarian society
Former nZDA president John B Henderson entering the Tararua Ranges late 1950s
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2 Responses to Public Rights of Passage

  1. Tony Orman says:

    Access is so important. Unfortunately the introduction of pheasant preserve (paid shooting) has undermined the fundamental importance of fish and game law. For some strange reason 20 years ago, Fish and Game NZ sanctioned the setting up of pheasant preserves which fundamentally contravene Sec 23 Wild Life Act which says charging for shooting rights is prohibited.
    There is a matching regulation for trout and salmon fishing.
    Some unscrupulous fishing guides set up an arrangement with some land owners to buy exclusive rights, i.. anyone else was denied access.
    There is a loophole in the law which needs three little words (“or access thereto”) added to close the loophole. It has never been enacted. It needs to be ASAP.

  2. Alan+Rennie says:

    ANZACS fought the nazis for our freedom – many died for our freedom. Yet today our governments, collaborating with the medical nazis, and are planning to take ANZAC day from us. Here’s the list of what our police-state, nazi governments have taken from us already : – We CANNOT shake hands, or give a hug to people; – We CANNOT go to the movies with our partner; – We CANNOT have dinner at a restaurant with friends;

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