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Poisoning Paradise : 1080 poison across New Zealand

Last year’s 60-Minute interview with campaigner Chris Short, who died fighting the 1080 poisoning of GodZone, even enduring gaol time for his publicity stunt on Tongariro

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A New Culture – Quality Before Quantity

Opinion by Tony Orman “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good,” my dear mother used to say.  It was an adage that I initially  found somewhat confusing but now I know through experience. The recent experience of lockdown … Continue reading

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A Book for Every Wilderness Wanderer

Book Review: “The Great Unknown’ by Geoff Spearpoint. Published by Potton and Burton. Price $60. Reviewed by Tony Orman This book “The Great Unknown” is strikingly illustrated, informative and makes for absorbing reading about the author’s wilderness explorations of the Southern … Continue reading

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Salmon Wars: Salmon Farms, Wild Fish and the Future of Communities

A Canadian documentary on fish farms and aquaculture and their effect on the communities that surround them. For more information, visit

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NZ First’s Silence for Three Years Over 1080.

Opinion by Tony Orman   NZ First is making a last-ditch attempt to scramble into parliament and are using the 1080 poison issue to fuel its efforts. Political pundits are predicting NZ First will be history after election day. NZ … Continue reading

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Police Home Raids on Firearm Owners Illegal

Yesterday the Independent Police Conduct Authority released its decision on three raids of the homes of licenced firearms owners following the Mosque shootings and judged  the Police’s actions were unlawful. The Authority ruled that Police misused Section 18, which says Police may … Continue reading

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NZ Outdoors Party To Sue Facebook Over Democracy

(NZ Outdoors Party press release) It’s challenging and frustrating being an emerging party battling against the status quo. Many are bored and frustrated about old boys (and girls) politics, but are unaware of the innovative policies offered by emerging parties such as … Continue reading

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